Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Blue Umbrella [2013]

The Blue Umbrella is a short film by Pixar. I mentioned it before, but I wanted to gush about it some more in a post all it's own. This is the short film that came with Monsters University, and as fun as that was, I think Blue Umbrella was more memorable. Here are my reasons why.
The animation in this short is just beautiful. At first, it's almost impossible to tell they animated it!
I mean, look at that. It's almost photorealistic. Of course, the problem with photorealistic animation is that the people look creepy and mannequin-like. This problem is averted in Blue Umbrella, since you never actually see a human face. The faces on the Umbrellas are animated, very simple faces with just eyes and a mouth. And yet they emote better than a lot of live action actors. The scenery is alive too, and there are faces everywhere. It might be creepy, but I was pretty enchanted by it. This short really reminds us how lovely a rainfall can be.

Telling a sweet little love story in about five minutes
The titular Blue Umbrella falls in love at first sight with a red girl umbrella who he sees standing out in a crowd of black. I'm going to go off on a tangent now and just say that I love how much personality they gave umbrellas. And I like how the girl one is kind of curvy and more feminine looking. XD
Anyway, the whole short is about the Blue Umbrella trying to find the Red Umbrella again. It's funny, it's clever, even kind of sad for a few moments when you starting thinking he won't find her again. The ending is very sweet, as it ends with both umbrella's owners going out for coffee(with the two umbrellas, of course.).

The music for this short was really nice and well done too. It's rather whimsical, and the instruments sound a little rainy. Very fitting and beautiful. :) Dangerously catchy though.

The Verdict: A+
Okay, if you think too hard about it, it is a little weird. But if you use your imagination and just watch, The Blue Umbrella is a work of art. I mean, who says that short films can't be art? I think that Film making can be a really beautiful art form, and this is a charming example.


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