Here's me being goofy and dressing up like a
French stereotype. :)
Hi! Welcome to Spilled Ink, my blog where I post chibi comics and reviews of various books and movies and such. I also really like to rant about music, so expect a bit of that too. :)Let's see, what do I tell about myself that isn't too personal and isn't too general...
Well, my name is Monica, though I also answer to Monique, Rafaela, and Augustina. I am Catholic, and I take my faith very seriously. I don't do a lot of talking about Religion here because I feel like my spiritual life is between me, our church's priest, my family, and friends. And God of course, that goes without saying.
But be warned that religion does kind of influence what I say here. If you don't like it, then you can exercise that Liberal Tolerance and ignore it. ;)
I really like reading, especially classic literature. I wouldn't consider myself a snob though, because there are a few modern books that I am very much attached to.
My hobbies include playing music, writing stories, and drawing chibis. I also like to pretend I can sing and re-enact musicals in the garage with my sister.


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