Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What Happened and What's Going On

Hey-o! I have been gone a very long time, ahaha. School is happening people, it's happening for reals. I have had a TON of stuff going on, and I still really love writing on my blog, and wish I could keep at it, but the time simply doesn't allow it. During my breaks though, that's a different story! So around Christmas, I'll probably show up again, and maybe I'll be able to make time before then even.
Here's all the stuff that's happened since I dropped off...

-Took up the Alto Saxophone, and had to play lead alto sax for our Jazz Band's first concert because the normal first alto was going to have a doctor's appointment. That was scary, playing lead alto after having played for a grand total of six weeks. But I did it, and no disasters happened. I hit all the notes and managed to keep the section together. Huzzah!

-Won a cool scholarship at my school, and am currently taking flute lessons from the lead flutist of the local symphony orchestra. Great Scott!!

-Read The Little Prince for English 1B. Totally amazing and devastating book. Go read it now, it's just such beautiful a story.

-Found an amazing Piccolo concerto!! Augh, I love it! I think there will be a post on it very soon that is super rambly!

-I'm playing the 2nd movement of Mozart's concerto in D major for flute with a pianist friend of mine! It's so much fun to play music with another person one on one!

So that's about it. See you sometime in the future, stay frosty.