Character Portraits en Français (avec la version Anglais)!

Hi! I made this page of my blog firstly because I wanted to have a little reference section to briefly describe the characters in my comics (because I OBSESS over my comics XD). The other reason is that I'm taking French classes at community college, and I randomly write comics and such in French to help me memorize stuff and figure out how to use words and phrases. It's pretty fun!
I wrote down descriptions of my characters in French because this week we studied adjectives, and I liked them enough to post them here! I will update this page as I write the descriptions for the characters. Enjoy!

Timothée Vidal
C'est Timothée Vidal, un jeune homme content et amusant. Il est sportif, aussi! Il adore le hockey. Le père de Timothée est mexicain, et la mère de Timothée est américaine. Timothée a les cheveux bruns et les yeux bleus. Selon les femmes, Timothée n'est pas du tout laid! Timothée a une petite-amie. Elle s'appelle Mireille Brown. Le couple est très heureux! Timothée est galant pour Mireille. Mais, Timothée est parfois insensible pour ses amis.
Il a vingt ans. L'anniversaire de Timothée est le 13 Novembre.
This is Timothy Vidal, a happy and funny young man. He is sporty, too! He adores Hockey. Timothy's father is Mexican, and his mother is American. Timothy has brown hair and blue eyes. According to the ladies, Timothy is not ugly at all! Timothy has a girlfriend. Her name is Mireille Brown. The couple is very happy! Timothy is gallant towards Mireille. But Timothy is sometimes insensitive towards his friends.
He is twenty years old. Timothy's birthday is the 13th of November.

René Durand
C'est René Durand. René est étudiant à l'universite. La famille de René est Français. Mais, la famille de René n'habitent plus en France. Les Durands habitent en Californie dans un ville par mer. René porte un chapeau vert et un hoodie rouge. Il porte un béret aussi, parfois. Il a les cheveux blonds et les yeux bleus. Comment est René? Il est curieux, et inquiet souvant. Il est maussade parfois, aussi. Mais, il n'est pas du tout un mal personne!
Il a dix-neuf ans. L'anniversaire de René est le 22 Avril.
This is Rene Durand. Rene is a student at the university. Rene's Family is French. But, Rene's Family doesn't live in France anymore. The Durands live in California in a city by the ocean. Rene wears a green hat and a red hoodie. He wears a beret too, sometimes. He has blond hair and blue eyes. What's Rene like? He is inquisitive, and often anxious. He is sullen sometimes, too. But he isn't a bad person.
He is nineteen years old. Rene's Birthday is the 22nd of April.

Alexandre Morland
C'est Alexandre Morland. Alexandre est étudiant à l'universite, avec René et ses amis. Le père d'Alexandre est docteur. Alexandre adore la profession de son père. Alexandre étudie l'anatomie. Il est très intelligent! Alexandre a les cheveux bruns, et les yeux bruns. Il porte des lunettes. Comment est Alexandre? Il est un jeune homme, intelligent et capable. Un bon ami!
Il a vingt-deux ans. L'anniversaire de Alexandre est le 3 Septembre.
This is Alexander Morland. Alexander is a student at the university, with Rene and his friends. Alexander's father is a doctor. Alexander adores his father's profession. Alexander studies anatomy. He is very intelligent! Alexander has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses. What's Alexander like? He's a young man, intelligent and capable. A good friend!
He is twenty-two years old. Alexander's Birthday is the 3rd of September.

François Doe
I changed his hair to
black to save on
brown pencils. :P
C'est François Doe, le camarade de chambre de Timothée. François est très timide. Selon Timothée, il est naïf aussi. Mais, François est assez intelligent. François a les cheveux noirs, et les yeux bruns. Il veut sortir avec la gentil, jolie fille dans sa classe, mais il a peur. Pauvre François!
Il a dix-huit ans. l'anniversaire de François est le 4 de Octobre.
This is Francis Doe, Timothy's room-mate. Francis is very shy. According to Timothy, he is naïve, too. But, Francis is quite intelligent. Francis has black hair and brown eyes. He wants to ask out the nice, pretty girl in his class, but he is afraid. Poor Francis!
He is eighteen years old. Francis' Birthday is the 4th of October.

Mireille Brown
C'est Mireille Brown, la petite-amie de Timothée. Selon Timothée, Mireille est la femme la plus belle de Californie! Elle est naïve, mais elle n'est pas du tout stupide! Mireille aime les enfants et les animaux. Elle veut devenir une vétérinaire. Mireille a les cheveux auburns, et les yeux bruns. Elle aime la coleur rose.
Elle a vingt ans. L'anniversaire de Mireille est le 20 Juin.
This is Mireille Brown, Timothy's girlfriend. According to Timothy, Mireille is the most beautiful woman in California! She is naïve, but she is not at all stupid. Mireille loves kids and animals. She wants to become a veterinarian. Mireille has auburn hair and brown eyes. She loves the color pink.
She is twenty years old. Mireille's Birthday is the 20th of June.

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