Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (by Kate DiCamillo) [2006]

Like The Tale of Despereaux, another book by Kate DiCamillo, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a fairy tale written for children. However, the story isn't just for children.
It's a beautiful story about a toy china rabbit who becomes separated from his little girl, and is unable to find his way back to her. But there isn't just that. Edward Tulane, the titular china rabbit, is quite vain, being very proud of his fine looks and vast wardrobe of clothes. He takes his luxurious life for granted, so when he's separated from his owner, Edward's world is shattered.
It's not a long book, but I don't remember any other book that made me so depressed, or brought me to tears. Edward passes through many lives over the years, and some of the situations are absolutely heart-wrenching. As he progresses along his journey, Edward grows a heart and learns to love. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a rather intense book, but the dark facets of the story are presented gently. Gently, without being watered down. The writing style is easy to read, but the imagery is beautiful, and it's quite accessible to all ages. There are also illustrations in the book, you can see a little on the cover up there. They're quite well-drawn, with gorgeous attention to detail. So... you can probably tell that I love this book. XD

The Verdict: A+
Notes: Like I said above, there's some really sad stuff in there. But it's perfectly fine for kids. I totally recommend this book.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Les Miserables(Book Cast)

Voila, in all their Bookish-Glory!
I probably got some hair colors wrong or something, but this is how they looked in my head while I read the book. Well, okay, they didn't look like shrill blobs of something vaguely human shaped, but you know what I mean, right? XD
Jean Valjean: Why did he come out so tiny? It seems like they just gradually get bigger as the page increases... I think it's because bigger chibis are easier to draw, but I wasn't sure how much room I would have on the page. Poor Jean. He's supposed to be bigger than everyone else! Well, the outfit he's wearing at the moment is supposed to be how he'd go out to the Luxembourg Gardens. Except that he forgot his hat.
Javert: Looking at least somewhat different than his Musical Self. Sad thing is, I always just imagined Javert to look like the actor from the 10th Anniversary, and it doesn't look like anything can dispel that mental image... Ah wells.
Fantine: Having just been fired from the factory. She's all anxiety ridden, and has a patch on her clothes. That indicates um... poverty.
Little Cosette: Poor kid. Looking pretty miserable. I always feel a little odd drawing a terrified child.
Thenardier: I wanted a change from his Sergeant at Waterloo outfit, so I made him dressed like I thought he might be in the 1832 part of the story.
Thenardiess: Tried to make her exactly like the book described her. A monstrous woman with ugly hair... Yeah. Hard to believe this lady likes romance novels. XD
Cosette: Hm. Purple Hat with a Black Dress. Really, Cosette?
Marius: I know, the book said that he had jet black hair. But If I colored his hair like that, he'd be completely black with no other colors. So I had to change it to dark brown. XD
Eponine: Obsessive, jealous, and maybe just a little crazy. So in other words, pretty radically different from her well-groomed musical self.
Gavroche: He has a hat! And is pretty dirty looking, but looks no less happy. He's also apparently making fun of Enjolras behind his back. Speaking of which...
Enjolras: Yeah. Smoking gun. Not good for a certain undercover member of the Patron-Minette. I don't know why I drew him holding the flag though. I mean, in the book, he's not as protective of it as he seemed to be in the movie. XD


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Doctor Who Day!

...Was yesterday. XD But that doesn't mean I can't post a cutesy picture of some Doctor Who characters and post it on here, yeah? These are the main characters in Season 5.
Okay, from left to right.
River's having the time of her life being enigmatic and confusing... That lump under her arm is the helmet for her astronaut suit(if you can even tell it's an astronaut suit XD). I'm wondering how she'll get that tiny helmet over her gargantuan chibi head.
The Doctor is being annoyed with her flirtatious warnings of spoilers, and doesn't hear Amy calling for him. She's trying to get his attention, because Rory is about to get himself erased by the Crack in the Wall. Yes, that's supposed to be the crack in the wall. Not a silver, flying snake. :P
Well, in true Doctor Who fashion, I hope your day is confusing and full of hamming British/Scottish actors!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spirited Away Soundtrack(2001) [Composed by Joe Hisaishi]

Okay, I'm kind of a Music Freak. One of the things I judge a movie by is it's music, and it's just one of those things that never fails to inspire- especially when I'm writing(which is all the time).
So today, I'm reviewing the Spirited Away soundtrack. Eventually I'll get to the actual movie, but I'm not as good at reviewing actual plots and such. On with the melodramatic ranting! :D And yes. I am going through this track by track. [headdesk]

Track 01: One Summer's Day
Obviously, this is the song that opens the movie. It starts out as a rather quiet song, but escalates to be larger at the end. It’s very beautiful, and you can hear it reprised several times throughout the movie. This song has that sort of bittersweet air, and kind of gives you the sense that something mysterious is about to happen.

Track 02: A Road to Somewhere
True to the mood that the last track set, this song is a little quiet, and builds to the feeling of mystery.

Track 03: The Empty Restaurant
I love the drums that start off this song. And there’s an interesting percussion effect that I can’t quite figure out what it is, but sounds kind of like a drop of water hitting a pond. There’s also more flute in this track. And of course, it’s very eerie. There’s a more dramatic reprise of One Summer’s Day in the second half, too.

Track 04: Nighttime Coming
This song has a lovely oboe and harp part. It starts rather quietly, but turns exciting really fast. In the film, I think this plays after Dragon Boy, but for some reason they put it before on the OST.

Track 05: Dragon Boy
This track is pure awesome. It’s an exciting song that plays twice in the movie, in scenes involving Haku. It begins with a harp repeating the same pattern, joined by a piano and rising in crescendo until BAM! You get hit over the head by a blast of brass. All through the song, the simple theme from the beginning is repeated in the background. One part of the song features tense violins, kind of Howard Shore style, and in another bit, some slightly off-beat Timpani gives the song a perilous feel. In case you haven’t noticed, I really love this song. Haha. Only two minutes, but a very exiting two minutes.

Track 06: Sootballs
Perky flutes start off this track. This song is kind of fun, it’s quirky and has an air of eccentricity. I have to say, great use of woodwinds in this song. I love the sootball sprites in the movie, they’re so adorable!

Track 07: The Procession of the Spirits
Not like it’s much of a surprise, but another amazing track. This song plays when the spirits get off their boat and come to the bathhouse (Yes, I realize what I just said.). It’s whimsical, awe-inspiring, eerie, and even has use of traditional Japanese instruments. Not to mention some haunting vocals. Like Dragon Boy, this song sends shivers up my spine.

Track 08: Yubaba
Where the last track was eerie in a wondrous way, this song is eerie in a downright creepy way. It uses the very highest keys on a piano, and the very lowest. There’s some absolutely freaky vocal work, and an incredibly creepy music box section. At some point, there’s this instrument, I don’t know what it’s called, but it sounds like a wail. Really interesting song, Haha!

Track 09: Bathhouse Morning
Much quieter and more laid back than the haunting Track 8, this song evokes the mental image of a dawn. There’s a quick reprise of the Sootball theme, played by flutes and bassoon. And we get the first hint of the No-Face theme, which is some kind of percussion and triangle riff.

Track 10: Day of the River
Aside from slightly different orchestration, this song is a direct reprise of One Summer’s Day, and a beautiful one at that. I have to say, when Oboe is played right it is so lovely to listen to. The same goes for French Horn.

Track 11: It's Hard Work!
More Japanese instruments, perky flutes, and awesome percussion. And again, we hear the No-Face riff. While it’s not as action packed as some other tracks, this is still really memorable for me.

Track 12: The Stink Spirit
Wow, Hisaishi-San! You’re my hero! I could just die from awesome percussion overdose. I love the violins sliding around, and that Japanese instrument that comes about a minute is so perfect. The song crescendos to sound so awesome and heroic, I feel like getting up, pumping my fists, and cheering. Haha! There’s a little bit of It’s Hard Work! in this track, too. And if you listen closely, a bit of One Summer’s Day.

Track 13: Sen's Courage
Right off the bat, the No-Face riff attacks us. Once again, the music is tense and eventually get action-packed. And there’s a little flute riff that I think I’ve heard in Ponyo, another Studio Ghibli movie.

Track 14: The Bottomless Pit
This song starts off loudly, it made me jump! Then suddenly, it swaps back to that creepy music box theme from Yubaba, and things get a little quieter. This track is probably one of the most action-packed of the OST.

Track 15: Kaonashi(Faceless)
The No-Face theme, previously only heard through short riffs, takes precedence in this track. It’s so haunting and perfect for the character. This song starts relatively calm, but escalates to something stirring and heart-pounding! Sort of Like No-Face himself, now I think of it… Yeah, a really awesome track. I could have sworn that I heard a bit of It’s Hard Work! in this one, too.

Track 16: The Sixth Stop
This track is mostly piano and strings, and gives such a wistful, haunting feel. It plays when Chihiro is riding the train to Swamp Bottom to apologize for Haku. It’s a mesmerizing song, very beautiful. Quite different from the sudden, pulse-pounding songs that have frequented the soundtrack.

Track 17: Yubaba's Panic
Whoa, we’re excited again! Though very short, this song manages to be pretty awesome. There’s a bit of Yubaba(the song) in this one, including some of that weird high-low key piano action, those eerie vocals, and the creepy music box theme.

Track 18: The House at Swamp Bottom
Now we’re calm again. This song utilizes harp and flute, and it sounds mellow and somehow cozy. Very beautiful music, even if the track is short when compared to the others.

Track 19: Reprise
This song is so beautiful, I almost have no words on it. It sounds so joyful and full of wonder. I love the use of woodwinds in this track, and the sense of soaring that you get when the music crescendos!

Track 20: The Return
This song starts out with such triumph, it makes we want to get up and dance! I think this part of the song was a reprisal of Procession of the Gods. Then, it quiets into a final reprise of One Summer’s Day, though with a climatic ending, whereas the song at the beginning ends leaving you wondering what happens next. It’s a beautiful song that sums up everything that the ending was supposed to make you feel. Happiness, a strange melancholy, and perhaps most importantly, a sense of wonder.(I'm going to hit myself for being so fruity. XD)

Track 21: Itsumo Nando Demo(Always With Me)
And now for one of the sweetest songs ever composed. This song plays over the credits, and sounds kind of like a lullaby. The only instrument used is a harp, and singing the melody is a lady who sounds like she could be the sweet dance instructor from ‘Shall We Dance?’. It’s a beautiful song, and even if I didn’t quite understand all the lyrics meant, it was deeply touching. The perfect way to end a spectacular film.

The Verdict: A+
Top Three Favorite Tracks: Dragon Boy, The Sixth Stop, and The Stink Spirit. (Though seriously, I would just put the whole soundtrack as my favorite. XD)

Later, amigos!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Letter!

I'm kind of on a Jane Austen buzz right now, I've started Emma and I love it! Earlier this year I had to read Pride and Prejudice for school, and I remember being a little annoyed at Mr. Darcy's loooooong explanation letter.
There's also some bonus concept art at the bottom of the comic.
I based Lizzy's dress off of a favorite Barbie outfit I had. XD And Mr. Darcy is... pretty bland looking, really. I had no idea what to draw him like!
Oh gosh, I just realized that my Jane Austen label is misspelled. D:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Day in Carmel

So, Wednesday is music day, where my sister has violin lessons, and I have orchestra on the rich part of the county. Oops, was that out loud? (Yes, yes it was.)
Anyway, Carmel, where the violin lessons are, is a real cute town. Except for the bizarre art and sculptures. Ahem. Oh with the pictures!
Violin lessons are inside the basement of a Methodist Church. I felt so weird typing that sentence. Anyway, when She In the Hello Kitty Hat is at her lesson, me, Dad, and He In the Bobble Hat go walking around town.
I call it 'Misery Upon the White Things'.
Saw some... bizarre sculptures. Really no words on this, there are just too many questions to ask.
There's this candy shop called Cottage of Sweets, and as the name suggests, they have a lot of candy. We usually buy some sour belts, but they sell some pretty weird stuff. Like giant Smarties, Humungo Jaw-Breakers...

Behold... The wall of Gummy!
Yeah. Lots and lots of candy. It smells so awesome in there.
After that we like to go to a little shop called Tea Rose Collection. Sounds really prestigious, but the lady there is really nice and helpful. It's a pretty shop, and even has a second story.
It was about this time that we noticed it was raining.
I like the back porch.


Looking down from upstairs...

Me wearing a 1920's hat. And making a stupid face.

I got a lot of pictures in the tea shop. XD

 It was almost pouring, and we totally had the foresight to bring an umbrella. Not. So yeah, we had to hike back to the car until it was time to pick up She Who Wears the Hello Kitty Hat from violin.

I tried to get all 'artsy' and photograph my hand in front of the raindrop-py window. Not sure if I succeeded or not.

So yeah, Carmel, won't you? :D

Sunday, November 17, 2013

In Defense of Cosette

Okay. So, up until about a year ago, I didn't like Cosette. I totally hated her. I thought she was selfish, annoying, and really pointless. I've since come around, and though I don't particularly love her character, I think that if you hate Cosette for the aforementioned reasons, you maybe need a few things explained.
I just wanted to put a picture into the post.
Cosette Stole Eponine's Man!
Here's the thing. Cosette didn't 'steal' Marius from Eponine because she didn't even know there was another girl in love with him! She had no idea about Eponine, and if she did, knowing Cosette, she probably would have felt very sorry about the whole thing.
The other characters suffer so much, while Cosette just sits around and gets married.
Other characters like... Fantine? Fantine suffered because she loved Cosette so much. She would have done anything to give Cosette a good life. Jean Valjean knew that, so when he rescued Cosette from the Thenardiers, he gave her the life her mother wanted for her. Fantine would have wanted it that way.
Cosette was spoiled.
When Marius first sees Cosette in the film, she's giving money to a poor person. When he sees her in the musical(depending on the production, I suppose), she and her father are going out of their way to help people. And in the book, Valjean and Cosette go to Gorbeau Manor to help a family of poor people(Who just so happen to be the Thenardiers). Cosette is very kind and compassionate, and does her best to help a girl who was injured. Cosette was pampered, and had everything she wanted. But she wasn't spoiled, and she felt compassion for those less fortunate than her, maybe because of what she went through as a child.
Cosette isn't Relatable.
Yeah, maybe not in the unrequited love department, no, she's not. But anyone with protective parents and a rather sheltered life might identify with Cosette. I know my sister feels like she can relate to Cosette. Sure, those aren't things everyone can relate to, but then again, not everyone has suffered unrequited love, or a breakup. One of the reasons Les Miserables is cool is because there are dozens of characters, and there's always at least one that you feel you can relate to.
Cosette is boring, and unimportant.
Yeah, I can't offer much of a persuasive argument for this, because one's perception of what's boring varies. If you mean that she's boring because she doesn't do anything but get married, than, yeah. Maybe you would rather skim until you reach the barricade. But her purpose as a character is interesting to me. She brought out a rather soft side to Valjean. She's what keeps him going, because to Valjean, Cosette is like the whole world. It took real strength for him to let her marry Marius. And what's more, he didn't just have to give them his blessing and send them on their merry way- he also had to actively go out and save Marius' life! Almost losing his own in the process, I might say. At one point, Valjean and Marius are almost out of the sewers, but can't get out because the gate is locked. There, alone with a dying man, Valjean doesn't think about his death. He doesn't even think about Marius' death. He thinks about Cosette. It doesn't have much to do with her actual personality, but Cosette is the center of Valjean's world. That makes her a very important character. I mean, there's a reason she's the logo for the musical.

Ahem. If you made it through these huge chunks of paragraph, I congratulate you!
I have to say, Cosette is better portrayed in some adaptations than others. In the musical, depending on how the actress plays the part, she can come across as vapid and airhead-y. Or she can be on the other side of the spectrum, and seem whiny and ungrateful to Valjean. I thought that she was very well portrayed in the 2012 film, a good balance between inquisitive about her father's past and respecting him.
So! I suppose it's time for me to stop ranting now. :)
I hope I didn't come across as arrogant or rude while arguing my points.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Cast of Emma

... another cast. This time (as the title would indicate), I'm covering Jane Austin's Emma! Of Jane Austin books, I've only read Pride and Prejudice, but I really liked watching the movie/tv series of Emma. So as soon as I'm on Christmas vacation, I can read it. Huzzah! Unless I don't finish Henri Fabre, or Peter O'Keefe on time. [sighs] I suppose I've got my work cut out.
Anyways, I've been ranting too long. On with the cheesy drawings! :D
Emma: I'm happy with how she came out. She's wearing a party dress, and holding that little globe from the beginning of the Movie Adaptation.
Mr. Woodhouse: I sure hope I captured that dull throbbing hypochondria.
Mr. Knightly: Grr... I can't draw sideburns to save my life. But I feel Mr. Knightly here looks okay. Tried to make him look a little surly, but far from mean, of course.
Harriet: With her basket full of food and such for the people who live near Emma's house. Looking quite lovestruck by Mr. Elton. Which brings us to our next quarry...
Mr. Elton: I really hope I got the Minister outfit right. Well, in case you can't tell what he's supposed to be (and if you can even read my blurry handwriting), he's got a little book that says 'Minister'. Yeah.. creative name for the book. XD
Jane Fairfax: She looks rather nervous. I would be too, if I was standing next to Mr. Elton, I suppose.
Frank Churchill: Got mixed feelings on Mr. Churchill here. He's a fun character, but he also let Emma believe he was in love with her while actually being engaged to Jane. Rrgh, that's a little frustrating, right there. The actual chibi on the other hand, I like. He's based off the movie adaptation, the version most recently saw. In that one, he's got weird rocker hair. O.o
Miss Bates: Just bursting with the latest news from Jane Fairfax! Oh my!

Well, I hope you like them!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Cast of Les Miserables (Musical Edition!)

Yeah, it's not a comic, and consequently, is not funny. :(
Oh well. These versions of the characters are based on my original mental images of the characters, which were in turn based on the 10th Anniversary. So if they appear in comics, it's probably for jokes that only make sense in the context of the musical.
There. Over-explained. :D
Jean Valjean: Looks like Off-Duty Santa Claus! :D
Javert: With his giant sideburns, top hat, and threatening club thing.
Fantine: I kind of like how her clothes came out. More specifically, the sleeves. I try to go as accurate as possible with the costumes, and last time I checked, Fantine usually has sleeves kind of like that. Huzzah!
Little Cosette: Her hat looks a bit too much like a mushroom cap. Sort of like one of the Mushroom Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. Hey, I should draw some of those! ^_^
Thenardier: I don't particularly like the character, but I'm very pleased with this chibi. You probably can't tell from the picture, but I think I got the apron and the jacket right.
Thenardiess: Oi... what do you think of the hair mountain? XD
Cosette: For some reason, I decided to cop out of being 'accurate' for this chibi. I know her outfit is black and white, but for some reason, I thought that purple really popped.
Marius: He's got a rockin' pile 'o hair.
Eponine: In her little barricade disguise. Except that her hair's down. So maybe this is from On My Own?
Gavroche: "PACKERS!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!"
Enjolras: Wearing that... interesting vest. Did he lose a bet or something? Anyways... Wonder what's got him so fried.

Well then, there we have it. I should put up the Book Cast soon.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guest Post by My Sister

Hi! Welcome to my monthly guest post! [This angry red font, by the way, is Xochitl. My sister wanted to do a guest post on here, so I figured I'd let her. XD So long as she doesn't do anything reputation-wrecking... She's just a kid, so be forgiving if her observations are less than professional.] I'm doing a Dream Cast for Les Miserables, because there aren't any recordings that are 'perfect'. It'll probably make at least one of you mad, but I sure hope it doesn't! :)
[Tactful, Sis... Very, very, tactful...]
Let's begin!
Jean Valjean
Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean
I think he made a really good Jean Valjean. He was really sweet with Cosette, and his acting was good. Sometimes his voice got shrimpy, but besides that I thought he was really good.
[Can I just say how much this picture cracks me up? I mean, I bet Marius is off-camera all like "Ahhh! I didn't mean to fall in love with your daughter, don't shoot!"]
Philip Quast as Javert
His voice is really snarly, and in the confrontation he sounds really disgusted with Jean Valjean. His singing voice is really awesome, and Stars was really good! [That's all? I could rant about this guy for ages!]
The Bishop of Digne
Colm Wilkinson as Bishop Myriel
Aw, he was so awesome! And he made a really good Bishop. I like how they brought him back in the end, too!
Ruthie Henshall as Fantine
 Ahhh, she sounded really awesome. He character was really good, and she was really pitiful in lots of parts. I really liked how she did Fantine's Death, too.
Amanda Seyfried as Cosette [She's the one on the left :D]
Her voice was what Cosette's voice should sound like, her high notes were really pretty! A Heart Full of Love sounded the best, out of all the Cosette songs. She was sweet, and she was actually sad when Jean Valjean left at the end!
Michael Ball as Marius
Allright. He's the best Marius I could find. His voice is pretty good, and his acting is adorable! I really liked him in A Heart Full of Love, the way he was straightening out his clothes to impress Cosette!
[We could not find a picture of this slimy guy. But she picked the fellow from the Complete Symphonic Recording.]
Well, he's funny in Master of the House, and he's creepy in Dog Eat Dog, like it's supposed to be. And he sounds really... grunge-y.
Madame Thenardier
Jenny Galloway as Madame Thenardier
She's really funny. The Thenardiers are gross, so let's get off them quickly!
Samantha Barks as Eponine [Hey, what is that down in the corner? A giant prune?!]
She really looked like Eponine, and her acting was pretty good! I liked her best in A Little Fall of Rain. The acting was really sad. She was actually acting like she was shot, but it wasn't disturbing or hammy.
Daniel Huttlestone as Gavroche
He makes a really good Gavroche, even if I can't understand what he's saying sometimes. [Subtitles would come in handy, to translate his cockney accent.] It was funny how he kept singing Little People while they were beating up Javert.
Harpo Marx Aaron Tveit as Enjolras
He sounded best in The Final Battle. His acting was really good, it gave Enjolras a personality besides "RAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!". And his voice sounds like a muffin! :D [I... don't know how to explain it, she thinks that if his singing voice were a food, it would be a muffin. I cannot explain why. -_-"]
Well, I hope you enjoyed my Dream Cast! See you next month!
[And I'll see you... Sometime this week. XD]

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Brother Odd (by Dean Koontz) [2006]

Not like you’d be able to tell as of yet, but I’m a titanic Dean Koontz fan. I haven’t read all his books (Because the vast majority of them are- ahem- inappropriate.), but I’ve read all the Odd Thomas books, the ones with Christopher Snow, and The Taking. My favorite one that I’ve read so far though, is Brother Odd.

Mr. Koontz is Catholic, and this is the book where it’s probably the most obvious. The titular character, Odd Thomas, has a great respect for priests and religious, and has a very conservative life philosophy.

Aside from being very intelligently written, the books are terrifically fun to read. I’m writing this review now because I just finished reading it to my Dad and younger siblings, who loved it.

Now, let me slow down and explain what this book is actually about.

Odd Thomas is a young man with the power to see ghosts of the dead- and spirits that foretell coming disaster and dead, called Bodachs. His complicated life has led him to seek solace as a guest in an abbey- St. Bartholomew’s. However, his days of peace are interrupted when he sees Bodachs lurking the grounds.

All the Odd books have terrific supporting characters, and this one is no exception. It’s got the former mafia goon, Brother Knuckles, the scowling Russian, Rodion Romanovich, and Elvis is still hanging around, too!

The plot is quite interesting, and is very fast paced. Though to be honest, there is a definite pattern of action, then slowing down to talk. For the most part though, I think that the book balanced the two really well. I love the part where Odd goes to the kitchen for a snack after a quick brush with death (Literally!). He and Romanovich have a really humorous conversation.

Now. The scares in this book aren’t as bad as they sometimes are (Odd Apocalypse had me a little spooked, that’s for sure!). But they’re still really suspenseful. The most frightening part is relative, since we all have different phobias. The part that freaked me out the most was when Odd was down in the Kit Kat Katacombs and discovered- well, that’d be a spoiler now, wouldn’t it!

Aside from the suspenseful atmosphere, there’s a lot of emotional stuff that goes on in this book. Some real tearjerkers, too (I don’t really cry at movies or books or anything, but this got me to my equivalent of crying at a book or movie.).

All in all, Brother Odd is a great read. I think that if you’re a fan of mystery and suspense, you’ll really enjoy it!

The Verdict: A+
I said before that I read this to my Dad and siblings, but I should mention that I censored some of the mature content. There isn't too much, but there's also a little swearing. Nothing too profane though.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lame Joke

Enjolras tries a new joke on Combeferre.

Poor guy, he looked so happy delivering that punchline, too.
By the way, in case you couldn't see, the book Combeferre was reading is Emma by Jane Austen. :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Vest (Dun dun dunnn)

Nicholas was being this guy for Halloween...
This man has anger management issues.
So I made him a vest that looks nothing like that is somewhat based that thing up there.
Well... based on it, in that it's red, and is decorated with gold Mickey Mouse buttons. XD

 I sewed this without a pattern, by hand, so that's why it's a little... wonky. But you can't see the messy stitching the way I shot the pictures. ;D

 Here is without the pin.

So! There it is. Trust me, it fits on humans. I had a ton of fun making it (Took about six hours, not counting the prototype that was a dismal failure.), so I'm just looking for something else I can sew next!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Peanut Butter

There's a sweet little scene Lost that involves Charlie trying to find Claire some Peanut Butter. Well, he fails. He comes back to Claire with an empty jar, and acts like it's full of peanut butter. Claire of course, is charmed and thinks it's really sweet. But for comedic purposes- what if Claire hadn't been so touched? ;D
I fail at drawing hats. :P

Friday, November 8, 2013

Les Miserables Costumes

So, my siblings and I went as Les Miserables characters for this Halloween. My Sister was Cosette, my Brother was Enjolras, and I was (predictably enough) Eponine.
I thought it'd be nice to put up some pictures, since we had a lot of fun putting together our costumes.
Well, my Brother didn't want to do a photo shoot, so pictures of him coming... later.
Here's my little sister.

Really amused by something off-camera. Maybe a stray Marius walked by.

Ignore the bizarre cat statue in the background. XD
 So there was her costume... You might have noticed that the pattern on her dress changed in the last one. That's because she says that the first two are 'Every Day', and the last picture was 'In My Life'.
What we had were two of my old dresses that Mom made from Jane Austen patterns. I outgrew them, so my little sister likes to play with them. We found a shawl and a belt... and voila! Cosette. Sort of. Still needs a gigantic hat. :)
Here's me... The first two pictures are supposed to be Eponine from the book. Even though I look nothing like Eponine. It was pretty easy to assemble that costume, actually. I found a ratty old while shirt, and a tan skirt, and some rope for a belt. XD
Again, amused by something off-camera!

Poker face... Huh.

Aaaaand my attempt at looking kind of sad ended up looking pouty. :P

There they are. You've got your quite young Cosette, and Eponine who is really pouty and dark haired. XD

Have to say, I'm pretty proud of those costumes. If I can't convince little brother to be in a picture, I'd at least like to get a shot of the vest. It's not exactly accurate to the stage, but I sewed it without a pattern, and it actually turned out quite well. Huzzah.