Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Les Miserables(Book Cast)

Voila, in all their Bookish-Glory!
I probably got some hair colors wrong or something, but this is how they looked in my head while I read the book. Well, okay, they didn't look like shrill blobs of something vaguely human shaped, but you know what I mean, right? XD
Jean Valjean: Why did he come out so tiny? It seems like they just gradually get bigger as the page increases... I think it's because bigger chibis are easier to draw, but I wasn't sure how much room I would have on the page. Poor Jean. He's supposed to be bigger than everyone else! Well, the outfit he's wearing at the moment is supposed to be how he'd go out to the Luxembourg Gardens. Except that he forgot his hat.
Javert: Looking at least somewhat different than his Musical Self. Sad thing is, I always just imagined Javert to look like the actor from the 10th Anniversary, and it doesn't look like anything can dispel that mental image... Ah wells.
Fantine: Having just been fired from the factory. She's all anxiety ridden, and has a patch on her clothes. That indicates um... poverty.
Little Cosette: Poor kid. Looking pretty miserable. I always feel a little odd drawing a terrified child.
Thenardier: I wanted a change from his Sergeant at Waterloo outfit, so I made him dressed like I thought he might be in the 1832 part of the story.
Thenardiess: Tried to make her exactly like the book described her. A monstrous woman with ugly hair... Yeah. Hard to believe this lady likes romance novels. XD
Cosette: Hm. Purple Hat with a Black Dress. Really, Cosette?
Marius: I know, the book said that he had jet black hair. But If I colored his hair like that, he'd be completely black with no other colors. So I had to change it to dark brown. XD
Eponine: Obsessive, jealous, and maybe just a little crazy. So in other words, pretty radically different from her well-groomed musical self.
Gavroche: He has a hat! And is pretty dirty looking, but looks no less happy. He's also apparently making fun of Enjolras behind his back. Speaking of which...
Enjolras: Yeah. Smoking gun. Not good for a certain undercover member of the Patron-Minette. I don't know why I drew him holding the flag though. I mean, in the book, he's not as protective of it as he seemed to be in the movie. XD


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