Friday, November 8, 2013

Les Miserables Costumes

So, my siblings and I went as Les Miserables characters for this Halloween. My Sister was Cosette, my Brother was Enjolras, and I was (predictably enough) Eponine.
I thought it'd be nice to put up some pictures, since we had a lot of fun putting together our costumes.
Well, my Brother didn't want to do a photo shoot, so pictures of him coming... later.
Here's my little sister.

Really amused by something off-camera. Maybe a stray Marius walked by.

Ignore the bizarre cat statue in the background. XD
 So there was her costume... You might have noticed that the pattern on her dress changed in the last one. That's because she says that the first two are 'Every Day', and the last picture was 'In My Life'.
What we had were two of my old dresses that Mom made from Jane Austen patterns. I outgrew them, so my little sister likes to play with them. We found a shawl and a belt... and voila! Cosette. Sort of. Still needs a gigantic hat. :)
Here's me... The first two pictures are supposed to be Eponine from the book. Even though I look nothing like Eponine. It was pretty easy to assemble that costume, actually. I found a ratty old while shirt, and a tan skirt, and some rope for a belt. XD
Again, amused by something off-camera!

Poker face... Huh.

Aaaaand my attempt at looking kind of sad ended up looking pouty. :P

There they are. You've got your quite young Cosette, and Eponine who is really pouty and dark haired. XD

Have to say, I'm pretty proud of those costumes. If I can't convince little brother to be in a picture, I'd at least like to get a shot of the vest. It's not exactly accurate to the stage, but I sewed it without a pattern, and it actually turned out quite well. Huzzah.

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