Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Brother Odd (by Dean Koontz) [2006]

Not like you’d be able to tell as of yet, but I’m a titanic Dean Koontz fan. I haven’t read all his books (Because the vast majority of them are- ahem- inappropriate.), but I’ve read all the Odd Thomas books, the ones with Christopher Snow, and The Taking. My favorite one that I’ve read so far though, is Brother Odd.

Mr. Koontz is Catholic, and this is the book where it’s probably the most obvious. The titular character, Odd Thomas, has a great respect for priests and religious, and has a very conservative life philosophy.

Aside from being very intelligently written, the books are terrifically fun to read. I’m writing this review now because I just finished reading it to my Dad and younger siblings, who loved it.

Now, let me slow down and explain what this book is actually about.

Odd Thomas is a young man with the power to see ghosts of the dead- and spirits that foretell coming disaster and dead, called Bodachs. His complicated life has led him to seek solace as a guest in an abbey- St. Bartholomew’s. However, his days of peace are interrupted when he sees Bodachs lurking the grounds.

All the Odd books have terrific supporting characters, and this one is no exception. It’s got the former mafia goon, Brother Knuckles, the scowling Russian, Rodion Romanovich, and Elvis is still hanging around, too!

The plot is quite interesting, and is very fast paced. Though to be honest, there is a definite pattern of action, then slowing down to talk. For the most part though, I think that the book balanced the two really well. I love the part where Odd goes to the kitchen for a snack after a quick brush with death (Literally!). He and Romanovich have a really humorous conversation.

Now. The scares in this book aren’t as bad as they sometimes are (Odd Apocalypse had me a little spooked, that’s for sure!). But they’re still really suspenseful. The most frightening part is relative, since we all have different phobias. The part that freaked me out the most was when Odd was down in the Kit Kat Katacombs and discovered- well, that’d be a spoiler now, wouldn’t it!

Aside from the suspenseful atmosphere, there’s a lot of emotional stuff that goes on in this book. Some real tearjerkers, too (I don’t really cry at movies or books or anything, but this got me to my equivalent of crying at a book or movie.).

All in all, Brother Odd is a great read. I think that if you’re a fan of mystery and suspense, you’ll really enjoy it!

The Verdict: A+
I said before that I read this to my Dad and siblings, but I should mention that I censored some of the mature content. There isn't too much, but there's also a little swearing. Nothing too profane though.


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