Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Deeply Odd (by Dean Koontz) [2013]

Alfred Hitchcock rides shotgun in the newest 'Odd Thomas' novel by Dean Koontz. The plot does indeed hold similarities with the Master of Suspense's work: A quirky hero, almost nonsensical plot twists that fly in the face of logic, and a strange charm that sets it apart.
Deeply Odd lives up to it's name, and has some of the highest stakes our hero has faced.
As the young, ghost-seeing fry cook struggles to thwart yet another tide of evil, he is assisted by a host of interesting allies. A tough old lady, a family of gun dealers, and the aforementioned Mr. Hitchcock.
The emotional facets of this book aren't so deep as they are in some of the other books in the series, but it still holds the same old themes of bravery and responsibility.
In short, Deeply Odd is a fun, clever, engaging read, especially if you hail from the Southern California area.

The Verdict: A-
Notes: This is a horror novel, so be careful. Odd Thomas books don't get over-the-top gory, but they are occasionally scary, and always suspenseful. Though the most inappropriate things about Odd books are the sometimes rude humor and mature subject matter. I'd also suggest reading the other books before this one. Just to avoid confusion.


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