Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Cast of Les Miserables (Movie Edition)

Voila! I drew this a few weeks ago, and as a consequence, some of my coloring techniques are different. And I got the Thenardiess' hair wrong. Oh, woe is me.
Jean Valjean: I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how this fellow came out. I drew him in the outfit he wore when he found little Cosette. That part was so adorable. :D
Javert: Besides the deplorable lack of a hat, I'm pretty satisfied with my little Javert.
Fantine: I couldn't decide whether to draw her before or after the haircut, but I decided on before. That way I could draw that pink dress, and have more color on the page. XD
Little Cosette: Pitifulness personified. I put little smudges on her face, and the maid cap was fun to draw.
Thenardier: Ugh, slimy man. Despite the festive mug of beer in his hand, he still looks sort of stern. Huh. Dang, those mutton chops.
Thenardiess: 'Thenardiess', I'm pretty sure that's what Victor Hugo called her in the book... I'm not too happy with this one. -_-"
Cosette: Now she's clean, happy, and totally in love.
Marius: I... wasn't sure how to render his interesting hair. Nor was I sure what color to make it.
Eponine: Looking really sad and poverty stricken. :( I sort of changed the colors of her clothes after seeing the movie again, but it's not too big a difference.
Gavroche: He's got himself a little gun, not sure what to make of that. I gave him a pin, but it looks a little too red.
Enjolras: And his flag. Huzzah! Yikes, what's got him so angry?!

So... yeah. I also have the cast of the Book, and what I thought they all looked like before I read the book. Huzzah!
I need to stop saying that.
One more time.

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