Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Cast of Emma

... another cast. This time (as the title would indicate), I'm covering Jane Austin's Emma! Of Jane Austin books, I've only read Pride and Prejudice, but I really liked watching the movie/tv series of Emma. So as soon as I'm on Christmas vacation, I can read it. Huzzah! Unless I don't finish Henri Fabre, or Peter O'Keefe on time. [sighs] I suppose I've got my work cut out.
Anyways, I've been ranting too long. On with the cheesy drawings! :D
Emma: I'm happy with how she came out. She's wearing a party dress, and holding that little globe from the beginning of the Movie Adaptation.
Mr. Woodhouse: I sure hope I captured that dull throbbing hypochondria.
Mr. Knightly: Grr... I can't draw sideburns to save my life. But I feel Mr. Knightly here looks okay. Tried to make him look a little surly, but far from mean, of course.
Harriet: With her basket full of food and such for the people who live near Emma's house. Looking quite lovestruck by Mr. Elton. Which brings us to our next quarry...
Mr. Elton: I really hope I got the Minister outfit right. Well, in case you can't tell what he's supposed to be (and if you can even read my blurry handwriting), he's got a little book that says 'Minister'. Yeah.. creative name for the book. XD
Jane Fairfax: She looks rather nervous. I would be too, if I was standing next to Mr. Elton, I suppose.
Frank Churchill: Got mixed feelings on Mr. Churchill here. He's a fun character, but he also let Emma believe he was in love with her while actually being engaged to Jane. Rrgh, that's a little frustrating, right there. The actual chibi on the other hand, I like. He's based off the movie adaptation, the version most recently saw. In that one, he's got weird rocker hair. O.o
Miss Bates: Just bursting with the latest news from Jane Fairfax! Oh my!

Well, I hope you like them!

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