Friday, November 15, 2013

The Cast of Les Miserables (Musical Edition!)

Yeah, it's not a comic, and consequently, is not funny. :(
Oh well. These versions of the characters are based on my original mental images of the characters, which were in turn based on the 10th Anniversary. So if they appear in comics, it's probably for jokes that only make sense in the context of the musical.
There. Over-explained. :D
Jean Valjean: Looks like Off-Duty Santa Claus! :D
Javert: With his giant sideburns, top hat, and threatening club thing.
Fantine: I kind of like how her clothes came out. More specifically, the sleeves. I try to go as accurate as possible with the costumes, and last time I checked, Fantine usually has sleeves kind of like that. Huzzah!
Little Cosette: Her hat looks a bit too much like a mushroom cap. Sort of like one of the Mushroom Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. Hey, I should draw some of those! ^_^
Thenardier: I don't particularly like the character, but I'm very pleased with this chibi. You probably can't tell from the picture, but I think I got the apron and the jacket right.
Thenardiess: Oi... what do you think of the hair mountain? XD
Cosette: For some reason, I decided to cop out of being 'accurate' for this chibi. I know her outfit is black and white, but for some reason, I thought that purple really popped.
Marius: He's got a rockin' pile 'o hair.
Eponine: In her little barricade disguise. Except that her hair's down. So maybe this is from On My Own?
Gavroche: "PACKERS!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!"
Enjolras: Wearing that... interesting vest. Did he lose a bet or something? Anyways... Wonder what's got him so fried.

Well then, there we have it. I should put up the Book Cast soon.

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