Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Cast of Lost

Here's the (most of) the cast of Lost as of Season One. I forgot Rose, Danielle, and Ethan. But who wants to see an Ethan Chibi, anyway? XD

Jack: Well... Here he is. I don't think I really did anything special with him. You know, he's Jack. He doesn't really have a distinct 'look'.
Kate: Kate came out really well. I don't know if you can tell, but I gave her a backpack. XD
Charlie: Hmmm, I drew his mouth open. Probably singing "You all everybody!!"
Sawyer: He's got a gun. And he just shot himself a Polar Bear.
Sayid: I like how Sayid came out. I wasn't too sure about how his facial hair looked, so I made a wild guess.
John Locke: He's covered in blood and sweat from his last boar hunt. And he's apparently taken Boone in as his Padawan Learner, or something.
Jin: Urgh... I am not too pleased with this chibi... Let's move on as quickly as possible...
Sun: Sun looks a lot better. I tried to draw her face looking kind of nervous, but she just looks depressed. :P
Michael: Yikes Michael, that shirt with those pants? Bad coloring job on my part. XD I swear though, I think he was wearing that outfit in one of the episodes.
Walt: Without Vincent. I wish I could draw animals, but the last time that was attempted, it ended in disaster.
Claire: She's got her hat, so she's happy. Yes. That's supposed to be a hat.
Hurley(Hugo): Aww, I love Hurley. He's looking typically anxious. I guess the poor guy just doesn't want to be the one around when Claire has more 'baby stuff'.
Boone: Is it just me, or does Boone have kind of... creepy eyes? Well, even if it's just me, I'm still drawing him with these weird blankish eyes.
Shannon: "Ugh! Boone! Stop being such a load! Hey, hey Charlie! Catch me a fish! C'mon Sawyer, give me back my inhaler! Never mind. Sayid! Kiss me, baby!"
Ahem. I drew her in that pink outfit that I think she was wearing on the pilot.

So there they are. As the series goes on, I'm probably going to have to cover Ben Linus, Juliet, Miles... Urgh... I have a long journey ahead... XD

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