Sunday, November 24, 2013

Doctor Who Day!

...Was yesterday. XD But that doesn't mean I can't post a cutesy picture of some Doctor Who characters and post it on here, yeah? These are the main characters in Season 5.
Okay, from left to right.
River's having the time of her life being enigmatic and confusing... That lump under her arm is the helmet for her astronaut suit(if you can even tell it's an astronaut suit XD). I'm wondering how she'll get that tiny helmet over her gargantuan chibi head.
The Doctor is being annoyed with her flirtatious warnings of spoilers, and doesn't hear Amy calling for him. She's trying to get his attention, because Rory is about to get himself erased by the Crack in the Wall. Yes, that's supposed to be the crack in the wall. Not a silver, flying snake. :P
Well, in true Doctor Who fashion, I hope your day is confusing and full of hamming British/Scottish actors!

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