Friday, May 22, 2015

Righteous Classical Music: Rondo (From Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major)

Everyone (or at least every musician) has that one piece of music that they absolutely dream of playing. For my sister, it's this one, the lovely and lively Movement III from Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major!
I haven't heard the other two movements of this particular Concerto (I hear that they're maddeningly difficult though, more so than this one if that's believable), but this 10 minute piece feels pretty complete in and of itself. It goes through several different moods and stages, and always returns to the bright, joyful melody you first hear the violin playing at the very beginning. There are very impressive runs and cadenzas, and I think that this piece very successfully showcases pretty much everything that is awesome about the violin.
Libby here, Xochitl let me write a bit because I play violin :) One of the things I really like about this concerto is that unlike a lot of violin concertos the ENTIRE orchestra gets to play so it sounds really big and impressive, concertos that don't use the entire orchestra aren't bad but this one would sound really dorky without it XD I think this is my favorite concerto, its really happy and it uses the entire violin, even though that can make it really hard to play, it sounds great :D

Next Up: Capriccio Espagnol by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov


  1. Hullo I just radomly came across your blog and I love it! As a Violist I can testify about having one peice that means teh world to us! xD

    Oooh this peice!! I love it SO much! The local Symphony Orchestra that I am in had an all Beethoven concert recently and we had a guest artist in who played this this well with us :D

    1. Hi!
      I'm glad you like it, that's nice to hear :)
      If I might ask, what's your favorite piece?
      Omigoodness, that's so awesome that your orchestra played this! How lucky!

    2. :-) I LOVE the 1812 Overture! and yes indeed! He was so good (the soloist) I was just going oooooooooohmyyyyygosssssssh

    3. Oooh, that's a good one! I love the little snippets of Les Marseillais that pop up every now and then. Really cool! (not to mention the Cannons and Bells XD)


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