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Gravity OST (Composed by Steven Price) [2013]

[bangs gavel] First order of business! Does anybody actually like it when I review soundtracks? I mean, even if everyone says "NO STOP IN THE NAME OF HEAVEN!" I'm still going to do it, because it's what I like to do. ;)
Second order of business, we went to the Jefferson Memorial (I was the only one who got that exited about it though, XD) and got some cool pictures, maybe I'll put those up tomorrow. But right now I'm tired, so I'm going with a post I actually wrote last week but forgot.
Third order of business, It's my name day! Ring out the bells, haha.
Yay, Gravity! I saw this movie back in... pssssshhhhh, February I think? At heart it's a popcorn action movie, but it's a very deep action movie, and the cinematography was amazing! But I'll save all my gushy praise for an actual review of the movie, since I'm obviously just here to ramble about the soundtrack. :)
I don't think I've heard a soundtrack that's like this one. It's got kind of your typical action-movie sort of sound, but- dare I say it?- it has a lot more emotional depth. And the score is perfectly fitted to the setting of the movie. Some of the tracks end all abruptly, almost like the sound was sucked right out of your ears. It's very evocative of the movie's atmosphere. Or lack thereof. There are also some really astounding vocals, especially in the final track. Wow. That lady must be the queen of chest-voice land.
I suppose this music isn't to everyone's tastes. A lot of the tracks are very ambient, and the general tone of the music might be a little boring to some people. I'll review my favorite tracks now. :)

2. Debris
This one's got that sense of impending doom thing going quite well for the first half. Then it goes pretty berserker. I like the metally-sound that the music has in the second half, it makes me think of that song from the Dark Knight Rises, Rise.

11. Aurora Borealis
If you listen carefully, this one is a very quiet reprise of the song that plays at the very end of the movie. Okay, it's not a reprise if it came first, but I listened to them in that order. :P Anyhoo, it's a very different piece from the aforementioned 'Debris', so I thought it would be fun to put on here.

15. Shenzou
Omigosh, this was the part of the movie that made me teary eyed. Yes, I (almost) cried at Gravity. So ashamed... XD In all seriousness, this track is quite intense and all that jazz. I think it might be my favorite track, but I'm not sure. It is very fun to listen to this one with headphones and turn the volume really high. It's even more fun to do that in the car while you're going somewhere totally casual! :D "Omigosh! The grocery store! Prepare for crash landing, AAAHHHH!!!"

16. Gravity
After careful consideration, I have decided that this one is my favorite track. But just barely! Just barely. I really love the transition from extremely quiet to blazing triumph. Well, maybe not triumph, that's actually a really lousy word to describe it. But there is a transition from quiet to BOOM! Not 'boom' in a blasty-Hans-Zimmer-Sense, but... yaaargh, you know what I mean. It gives me goosebumps though, and I love a song that can do that. (or maybe I'm just cold because I'm sitting on the floor XD).

The Verdict: A
Not all the tracks are the same level of utter awesomeness, but the above-listed ones (along with a few that I was too lazy to write about) are the total showstoppers. I'd better bounce, these soundtrack reviews are usually pretty terrible. :P

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