Sunday, June 1, 2014

Good Sister Movies

In case you couldn't tell from the obvious post title, this is about movies that are about sisters, and are therefore, fun to watch with your sister. Soooo, listed in no particular order...

My Neighbor Totoro
My Neighbor Totoro is an anime film made by Studio Ghibi, and is about two sisters. Mei (4) and Satsuki (11) move to the country side with their Father (their mother is suffering from a non-specific disease, and lives in the hospital). While exploring the forest, Mei discovers a giant forest creature who she calls 'Totoro'. This movie is kind of aimed at a younger audience, but one of Studio Ghibi's major strengths is that even their more little-kid movies are perfectly enjoyable for teenagers and adults alike.
I'd actually be a little cautious showing this movie to kids younger than 5 or 6, because there is a scene where Mei, Satsuki, and their Dad go to a temple and pray to the Shinto gods. It's a very short scene, and I definitely wouldn't not see this movie just because of that scene. Because if you do, then you're missing out on a lot of good stuff. Mei and Satsuki have good relationships with both their parents, the animation is very pretty and detailed, and even though is a happy little movie about two sisters, My Neighbor Totoro is very deep and touching. [A-]

Ramona and Beezus

This one is based on the Ramona books by Beverley Cleary. Not as good as the books, but it's very funny, and the actresses who play Ramona and Beezus are great together. There's also some cool day dreaming sequences (you know, were it goes into Ramona's imagination). This is one of those movies that goes in kind of an episodic plotline, though there is a main thing going on under all the random mishaps and shenanigans. And hey! It ends with a wedding reception! And wedding receptions make me feel so happy... [B+]

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch is about a lonely Hawaiian girl who's legal guardian is her (apparently over 18) sister, Nani, ever since their parents died in a car crash the year before. Lilo's relationship with Nani is just as important to the story as her friendship with the alien fugitive Stitch, and their story arc is very satisfying. Even though Lilo and Nani get into constant arguments, they love each other very much, and their interactions (when they're not fighting) lend the movie a lot of heart.
There's also a lot of awesome Hawaiian stuff. :D [A-]

I know, why didn't I put this one first, yeah? I'm going to ignore all the little things that bugged me about this movie, and focus on one of the many things I liked. Unlike the sisters in the aforementioned movies, Elsa and Anna don't actually interact that much. But their relationship (I'm a little tired of that word...) is the whole point of the story. I found it very sweet of Anna to go charging after her sister in devilish weather, and totally throw herself under the bus for causing Elsa's freak out. Elsa's character was interesting without being annoying, and it's nice to see an anxious, easily strained character presented as something other than just the load. Oh, and ANIMATION WOW. 

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