Friday, July 25, 2014

Bucket List Tag!

I was tagged by Miss Jane Bennet of Classic Ramblings , so thank you very much!
So, in no particular order, you just list 10 or more of your goals from your 'bucket list' (I don't know why they're called that either, I literally just learned that phrase when I was tagged), and tag some friends. :)

~Play Vivaldi's Winter (All three movements) at full speed (Yes, on a flute :P)~
~Sing well~
~Finish writing a book~
~Start a prolife group on campus~
~Learn the opening of Hotel California on my guitar~
~Write 50 good poems~
~Record an iRiff with a friend~
~Visit Mexico, Japan, and France~
~Sing Stars in the backyard on a clear night~
~Make a book-purist edit of The Hobbit movies~
~Learn to shoot a gun (don't look at me like that, a girl has got to have her protection! ;)~
~Film and edit a short movie~
~Write a Haiku in Japanese~
~Visit the Vatican~
~See the real Van Gogh Starry Night~
~Compile 1,000 good Chibi comics~
~Go to an SJ Sharks game where they don't lose~
~Shake off my nail-biting habit~
~Go see a play/musical on stage~
I would like to Tag... Um, well, I was going to tag mi compadre Ice Cream for the other tag I received this week, but if you want to do this one, go for it! When you're not busy that is, I know you're pretty busy in the summer. :)


  1. It's called a Bucket List because it's things you want to do before you kick the bucket, ie, die. There was a movie called The Bucket List a few years ago about older gents with cancer who compile their bucket lists and then do the stuff on them, like go skydiving. Not a great movie, but it popularized the phrase.

    What kind of gun are you thinking? Pistol or rifle?

    1. Oh, I see.

      I was thinking rifle. If somebody breaks into your house and they see you with a big, threatening looking rifle, chances are you won't even have to fire it because the sight of the weapon alone would scare off your average house-breaker. At least that's my train of thought. :)

    2. Get a shotgun, then. Every bad guy in the world knows what that CHK-CHK sound of a shotgun round getting pumped into position means. They're harder to miss with than a rifle, and can cause a LOT of damage. Very few people in their right mind would go up against a shotgun :-)

  2. Thanks Monica! I'll get to it, don't worry! Summer is winding down, so my schedule is looking a little less crazy at the moment.

    1. Awesome! I might tag you again, so um... yeah. I don't know a whole lot of people. XD


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