Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Cast of Storage Room!

Allright, it's time to hold my breath, close my eyes, and leeeeeaaaaap... and finally publish this post.
I've started a new comic strip (with my own characters, not based on real life happenings) to have some fun with, and I just finished drawing out all the characters. Storage Room is going to be about a bunch of friends who hang out in the cramped storage room behind one of their uncle's dive-y restaurant. The main character is Timothy (But he prefers Timmy, and never just Tim, because that would make him sound like a Dickensian orphan), and the comic basically follows the goofy shenanigans of him and his friends.

Here's everyone, and now, because I'm weird and obsessive about my chibis, I'll introduce them all. :)

Timothy- Timmy here is the aforementioned main character. He likes Hockey (I project my own emotions onto my characters :P) and runs Track and Field at his community college. He has a rather abrasive (and sometimes abusive) sense of humor, but his friends know that most of the time it's all in good fun. Most of the time. Despite the fact that Timmy is quite confident, he gets insecure about the weirdest things. The only person he isn't that mean to is his girlfriend, Mireille, and other ladies (except for members of NOW), because Timmy believes in chivalry. (Again, me projecting onto the characters.)

Rene- Okay, I sort of lied when I said these characters weren't based off of anyone. Because I totally based Rene off of those pretentious, rich kid hipster types I bumped into when I went to college for a day with my friend. Anyhoo, Rene (as his foreign, high-class name suggests) comes from a filthy rich family (Descended from the Scandinavian kings of old!), and is honest to the point of being rude. He's often petulant and sullen, and spends an awful lot of time reading about conspiracy theories. F-for laughs, of course. ;) Like Gru, Rene has a phobia of dating.

Alexander- The most successful, academically, of all of them. But you could probably tell that just by looking at his nerdy glasses and argyle vest. Sigh... stereotypes. Alex likes to read, especially those really, really long books that are about 700+ pages long. Because he listens to his common sense the most, Alex often gets labeled as 'the wimp', but he has plenty of opportunities to say "I told you so!" when the others are suffereing the consequences of their impulsiveness. But because he's nice, he only says that sometimes. He also plays Cello. :D

Mireille- Fashion expert and pink enthusiast. But despite the fact that she loves tiny animals, sparkly things, and pretty nail polish, Mireille isn't all sugar 'n spice. She might be kind of an airhead, but when Mireille sets her mind to something, she does it. She's very playful, and maybe a little flirty, but unlike Ado Annie, Mireille can say no, and often does, because she's very faithful to her sweetheart, Timmy. Oh, and forgive the random Oklahoma! reference. Just listened to the CD, feeling a little brainwashed...

Shelly- Mireille's best friend. Unlike her BFF though, Shelly is actually more interested in being smart than being current, and wants to be a dentist when she graduates from college. Unfortunately, he ambition to be what is basically a torturer kind of scares the others, though she's trying to convince everyone that dentist does not equal evil. When she's not studying, Shelly likes to go out and have fun at the beach, or pool.

Malcolm- Malcolm longs to be a lumberjack, despite the fact that his parents want him to take up the family business, which is Dairy Farming. Everyone finds Malcolm's destructive tendencies a little disturbing, but his ladyfriend, Shelly, finds then endearing and manly (Shelly refuses to date men who aren't manly).

Frankie- Timmy's shy and timid roommate, and probably the youngest of the gang. Timmy has taken it upon himself to 'show Frankie the world', but Frankie obviously would rather stay home and read, or work with animals. He has kind of a crush on Alice, the mayor's sporty and vivacious daughter. But of course, he can never seize the opportunity to talk to her.

Denise- The black-wearing Barista who works in the restaurant (which is more like a café that also serves full meals, now I think about it) to pay her college tuition. Denise is exceedingly snarky and sarcastic, and this (despite her best efforts) actually endears her to the others. She has a tendency to be jealous and self-pitying, and holds lifelong grudges against people for the smallest offences.

Rene's Uncle- The owner of Café de le Palourde Claquer. Or just 'The Cafe'. Rene's uncle is actually Alexander from a timeline where he and Timmy went back in time to change something, and Alexander got left behind by accident. So The Other Alex accepted his fate of being stuck fifteen years in the past, and got married to a lovely blonde woman who was actually Rene's aunt. The others however (even Alexander) don't know his true identity, so they just call him Rene's Uncle. Because he's just another Alexander, his personality is basically the same, except that being a bartender, he's not afraid of using force and 'being mean'. Oh yeah, and I guess I neglected to mention before that Time-Travel is possible in this universe. :D

Colette- I haven't done much with her yet, so I'm not sure of her fully personality. But for starters, Colette is a sweet, slightly timid, girl taking art classes so that she can get a Degree in Design.

Holly- Okay, we're getting into tertiary characters. Holly is Timmy's three year old sister (he has five sisters, but Holly is the only one who ever actually shows up in the comics) who absolutely adores him.

Mr. Howard- Timmy's godfather, and his dad's best friend. Mr. Howard is happily married, and just so happens to run the rival café. He and Rene's Uncle still get along, though.

Jiminy- Yeah, minor characters now. XD Jiminy is rather paranoid and hypochondriac, and is also trying to get a degree in art, like his little sister Colette.

Andrew- A drunken fratboy who is here because I can think of a few things to do with him, but I still don't know if I want to keep him in. :P It's always nice to have some extras around, though.

Alice- The mayor's perky daughter who is in Frankie's Algebra class. Whenever Frankie gets the opportunity to talk to her, he panics and makes a fool of himself.

Okay this post is getting waaaaaaay too long, so here's the bottom row (and the row we just went through :P) that is just alternate outfits for the characters.
I um... hope you like them! I hope to have some comics up.


  1. Aaahhhh!!!!! So excited! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks!! I'm happy to hear that! Out of curiosity, which character do you like best?


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