Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent is Upon Us...

We've got the Advent Wreath up, the weather is getting quite cold, and hallmark channel is playing endless marathons of [insane eyetwitch]... interesting Christmas movies.
All this can only mean one thing. Christmas is coming!
This time of year really is special, because I live on the West Coast, where Spring, Summer and Autumn are all pretty much the same thing, but Winter at least brings the promise of frost and lower temperatures. XD
I can't wait until Christmas week, that's when we get to bake Lebkuchen! Which for those of you who don't know, is a German cookie. It's like gingerbread, but it's got candied fruit inside, and sometimes has nuts. We don't usually do it with nuts though, because there are certain people in our family who would rather die than ingest a single one of the vile things.
 Here seen is our (artificial *sob*) tree, being decorated by my sister. She really went nuts with the ornaments. XD
And here's the Advent Wreath, along with a really pretty little Advent Calendar we got. Each day you open up a door, and there's a bible verse inside. Neat, yeah? Oh, and you can also see, in the corner, a cookie jar shaped like a bear chef. Oh woe is me for getting him in the shot. XD
Well, I hope you're having a good December, mates!

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