Friday, December 20, 2013

Les Halloween Costumes

Does anyone actually like these? Who knows!
Do I enjoy putting them up? You betcha! :D

So, as I've probably mentioned before, me and les siblings went as Les Miserables characters for Halloween. And here's Chibis of us in our costumes. With matching scenery.
My sister is Cosette, leaning against that gate, my brother is Enjolras(Though he'd work really well as a Gavroche... we couldn't talk him into it though.), standing on a table. Let's just hope he doesn't start singing like Merry and Pippin. I'm Eponine(I don't know why I felt the need to point that out. I mean, which other character wanders around at night looking sad?).
Huzzah for poorly drawn scenery! But seriously, if I'm going to make decent looking strips, I'm going to have to learn to put in scenery. Otherwise it looks like they all take place in the Veggie Tales opening. :P

Yikes! It's only five days until Christmas?! Where'd December go?

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