Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! :D
I still feel stuck back in 2011, but now that I think about it, it does seem like it's high time for a year change.
So let's see, what happened this year...
I read Les Miserables and Notre-Dame de Paris(Or Hunchback of Notre-Dame, but the other title is shorter and more accurate. XD). Also the Illiad, though I didn't like it that much. I preferred the other book I read for literature, that'd be a Greek tragedy called 'Antigone'. And Deeply Odd came out, so I was excited to read that. :)
I think my favorite book that I read for the first time this year was To Kill a Mockingbird. It has me actually thinking about Law School. XD
I think my favorite movie that came out this year is Despicable Me 2, though my favorite movie that I just saw this year is Les Miserables. Of course, Desolation of Smaug was pretty good, and we all laughed really hard at Monsters University. I think my favorite thing about Monsters University was the short film that went with it, called 'Blue Umbrella'. It was a very unique work of art. :)

Other Stuff That's Apparently Outranked by Books and Movies... O_o
It's my new years resolution to not make any resolutions. Heh heh. Well okay, I want to get into the Honors Orchestra. But that's all I can think of. XD
Not good at being deep and such, but through the year, I think my resolve for certain things deepened, and I'm starting to seriously think about what to do after school. Not like I'm having that much luck with that, buuuuuut... Had luck with other things. I figured out how to do an F Chord on my guitar, after a year of trying! :D
I guess it's pretty lame when you're that exited about a chord.

Hope you had a good year! And let the next one be good also. :)

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