Friday, March 7, 2014

Awesome Music: Coraline End Credits [Bruno Coulais]

I recently saw the Coraline movie, and despite the fact that I was high on Benadryl (I was mucho sick) and was having trouble staying awake, I really enjoyed it! I'll have to write a review sometime, but I'd like to review the book first. Anyway, my sister and I just went nuts over the cool credits music, take a listen!

Creepy, mysterious, and bizarrely childish. This music is absolutely perfect for a movie like Coraline. I love the timpani boom at the very beginning, the crazy pizzicato strings, and the children's chorus singing that... strange gibberish language. I looked it up, whatever it is they are saying, it's total nonsense. I like that, it adds a lot to the eerie mood that you couldn't get if it were just a foreign language like French or Spanish. But you can pick out the occasional word, or syllable that sounds like an english word. Words like 'Twinkly', 'Faerie', 'Twilight', 'Freedom', 'Nearer' and 'Sing'. Pretty weird and random, but it gives me chills just imagining what they could possibly be singing about!

Adios Amigos,


  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award ( I'm not pressuring you to do it if you don't have time...just thought I'd let you know. =)

  2. Hello back! ;)
    Thank you very much! I don't think I'll be that busy, so I'll probably do it over the weekend. :D


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