Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Sunshine Award

The happy picture makes me want to dance
like Julie Andrews!
Miss Jane Bennet of Classical Ramblings nominated me for this Sunshine Award, which is totally awesome, thank you!
Anyway, there's a tag thingy, and I'm no good at introductions, so I'll cut to the chase.

~Do you play an instrument, and if so, what? (And what's your favorite song to play?)
I mostly play Flute, though I also play some Guitar and a microscopic smidgen of Piano. On Flute I suppose my favorite song to play is  Sally's Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It isn't technically impressive, but it's a very moving song. As for Guitar, I like playing the chords for It Never Rains in Southern California. XD

~Dream vacation?
Well for starters, I'd love to go to the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris (for obvious reasons, heh heh), but even more than that I'd like to go to Nikko, Japan. I hear it's gorgeous there!

~What's the time period you most like to read about?
I read a lot of stuff set in the 1800's, so I suppose then. But I'd like to read something set in the early 1900's. Maybe it's time for some John Steinbeck...

~If you could steal one character's wardrobe for a day, whose would you pick and why? (Bonus question: where would you go in your new clothes?)
Oh boy... I um... am not sure! I think I'd borrow Maleficent's dramatic black cape and headdress getup and wear that to In-N-Out Burger, then I'd act as casual as I would if I were wearing normal clothes. And enjoy the bewhildered stares. ^.^

~Do you sew, and if so (sink me!), what?
I don't sew that often, but I've made a vest and a lot of Les Miserables rosettes.

~Do you write or read poetry much?
I like to write poetry, but I don't read a whole lot of it. I probably should, literacy and all...
~What Jane Austen character do you think would be the easiest/most fun to swap places with?
Probably Emma, we've got somewhat similar personalities, and it's the only Jane Austen book I've read. Well, I did read Pride and Prejudice for school, but I didn't enjoy it that much [dies of shame]

~Thoughts on tea?
It's good! I mean, I'm not all into Tea-Time and Crumpets with Her Highness, but I find it's really theraputic if you're feeling anxious.

~Favorite funny quote?
...Oh man, my head is exploding from the endless possibilities here! Unfortunately, all of them fled my head right at this moment and I can't think of anything except Olaf in Frozen when Anna introduces him to Kristoff and his Reindeer.
Olaf: What's the hairy mammal thing?
Anna: That is Sven.
Olaf: Right, and who's the reindeer?
Anna: Um- that is Sven.
That- and practically ALL of MST3k. That's pretty obscure though ;)

~Has any book completely surprised you with its quality (i.e. have you ever read a book that you thought would be bad and turned out to be good, or vice versa?)
Well, for Vice-Versa, I thought Emily of New Moon would be totally awesome, like Anne of Green Gables. And... it wasn't. I didn't even finish it because Emily was so insufferable a character. Gr! On the more positive side, I wasn't sure that I would like To Kill a Mockingbird (you know... an 'Important' book that you have to read for school), but it was actually a really excellent book!

~What's your favorite imaginary creature (if you have one)?
Phoenix(es?) and Japanese Dragons are pretty cool!

My questions...

~Have you ever faked an accent for an entire day, just to see what people would do? If so, which one?
~Pixar or Disney?
~If you could hang out with Anne Shirley or Gandalf, which one would you pick, and why?
~What is the most awesome-bone-shatteringly-cool song you've ever heard?
~On the other hand, what's the most skin-peelingly bad song you've ever had the misfortune to hear?
~Are you good with dates, or do you usually need to keep a schedule?

I doth nominate...

Hannah of Indigo Montoya

It's been a time and a half, later!

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