Friday, March 28, 2014

Being a Sharks Fan

[We interrupt your regular programming to bring you something sentimental about Hockey.]

Being a San Jose Sharks fan means that you're there for their highs and lows. Being a Sharks Fan means sometimes you have to shrug your shoulders and say “Oh well, next time!”. Being a Sharks Fan means you're a member of the underdog team, and that means sometimes you have to lose.

The Sharks have never won a Stanley Cup in all their 23 year history, but we still love 'em. Maybe it's their loveable mascot, Sharkie, maybe it's the belief that if we hang on one more year without lapsing to the Anaheim Ducks it'll be the Shark's lucky year. Or maybe it's just that we find Brodie Brazil, Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda funny.

Whatever it is, we still love you Sharks, and will never stop cheering you on!

That having been said, this post probably looks really silly to non-Hockey people. After all, it's just a game where toothless, drunken, jocks stick knives in their shoes and punch each other! That is a true fact, but everybody's got something weird and inconsequental that they like to get obsessive and sentimental over. I personally don't get the appeal of Baseball.

Sports are truly a neutral thing. It's not like one side is good and one side is evil. But still. It's hard not to believe that you're on the side of light, hope, and all things beautiful and that the other team is evil incarnate.

I guess that's the fun of Hockey, though! You get to throw your whole self into cheering for your team, and when the game's over, maybe you have the strength and morale to throw your whole self into things that actually do matter.


You probably guessed by now that we went to a Sharks game and they lost, hence this outburst of Sharks loyalty. But that's totally okay, because it wasn't a shut-out! We actually got to see them score, three times! Huzzah! (This is a big deal because we've been to several sporting events over the past five years, and every single time our team lost without even getting in one goal. So this is proof that we're not cursed. ;)

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