Monday, October 13, 2014

55 Favorite Songs From Musicals #8: The Confrontation

Oh no! I missed a week. XD Oh well, I had an exam to study for, and exam takes precedence over blog series. And the start of Hockey Season takes precedence over both of them! Just kidding. I have filled out a Janeite tag, so I think I'll have that read to post tomorrow.
YEAH, more Les Miserables! Ahem. This song carries a lot of tension, and when done right the counterpoint duet sounds awesome. A lot about both Jean Valjean and Javert's characters is revealed in the lyrics, and all in all it's a very powerful scene.

Dare you talk to me of crime,
and the price you have to pay
Every man is born in sin, every man must choose his way
You know nothing of Javert,
I was born inside a jail
I was born with scum like you
I am from the gutter too!
I am warning you Javert
I'm the stronger man by far
There is power in me yet,
My race is not yet run
I am warning you Javert
There is nothing I won't dare
If I have to kill you here
I'll do what must be done


  1. Wow, that was an awesome song! I watched it twice :) Would watch it more, but I'm busy today :P Now I really need to watch Les Mis.

    1. XD Glad you liked it so much! Next time we come over to your house (or you come over to our's ;) I will totally bring it and then we can stay up until midnight weeping profusely. Then watch some rifftrax to cheer up, then go to sleep before we die of fatigue!


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