Friday, October 31, 2014

Kindle Fail!

Happy Halloween, friends!
For my birthday I received a lovely new kindle, complete with pretty blue case, which is so useful! It's hard to lug those big books I love to read around campus, so it's very pleasant to have around.
It also provided a laugh that I wasn't expecting.
This here is a picture of the X-Ray feature for A Tale of Two Cities. Some kindle books, you hit a button that says X-Ray, and you get a glossary of recurring terms and a little character guide to help you keep everyone straight. It's a good idea! But it could use a little work. See, it works by entering the name of the character or term into Wikipedia, and puts the first paragraph of the Wikipedia article. Sometimes it makes mistakes.

Do you see it? :D
I hope everyone has a good Halloween! If dreams came true, I might have been a better man* I wasn't so busy with my studying and stuff I'd have posted a review of The Nightmare Before Christmas today, but hopefully I can get that up sometime in this here last leg of 2014. How exciting! I love the last three months of a year.

*Don't mind me, just making a reference to some obscure musical. ;)


    You just referenced the ATOTC musical!! Does this mean you're a fan of it? Did I know this and just forgot? o.O
    Wellsies...anyways. :P Haha, I know what you mean about Kindles--sometimes they're not especially helpful.
    (Also, are you reading LM right now????? CRAZY FAN HERE. Just sayin'. :P)

    1. Awesome, you got the reference! :D Yeah, I'm very much in love with the musical, it's quite underrated! I put up a review of the CD, but that was a long ways back. August I think? Aaah, the year is almost over this is so weird.
      I was planning on starting Les Miserables up once I finished Monte Cristo (One big 'ol book at a time is enough XD). I can't wait to read it again, I loooove that book! I'm sort of a crazy fan myself, so you're not alone. :D


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