Monday, June 15, 2015

Book Memes Fer Dayzz

Hee hee, these are fun!
1: What's the first book you can remember reading as a child?
A Snow White and the Seven Dwarves board book. An also my little kid church missal. It was called 'My Picture Missal', but I misread it as 'My Priest's Missal', and proudly told my aunt what I thought it was called, saying "I can read!" Oops. XD
2: Do you have any playlists you listen to while reading?
Hm.... a lot of the time, music distracts me while I read, so not really. Sometimes I have on Claude Debussy.
3: Where's your favorite place to read?
4: Have you ever recommended a book that ruined someone else's life? What was it?
Whaaaaaaaat? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! No comprendo!
5: Which book had the greatest impact on your life?
I have a book with Fulton J. Sheen's essays in it, and his writing really helps me to understand my faith better. :)
6: Which author would you be thrilled to go out for coffee with?
Dean Koontz!
7: What questions would you ask your favorite author given the chance?
I don't know! I do wonder what Fyodor Dostoevsky was going to with Alyosha's character in the other two books he was planning to write. And I'd like to ask Dean Koontz what the dealio with Annamaria is...
8: Which character can you relate to most?
My sister says I remind her of Meg from A Wrinkle in Time. I also relate a lot to Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle.
9: Do you have a goodreads account?
Considering it, but I do most of my book ranting on here.
10: Do you read fanfiction?
No, but I'm not so opposed to it that I would refuse to read some if a friend of mine wanted me to read her story.
11: Do you watch any booktubers?
Erm, I don't think so? What's a booktuber?
12: What's the prettiest book cover you've seen?
Well, there's this one! It has nice colors and a very ambient atmosphere!
This one is a very cute, and the design to me is very evocative of the ending scene!
I know this one isn't conventionally beautiful, but I love the composition. I'm no good at analyzing art, but there's something very interesting about how Sydney and the Seamstress are the only ones in full color here. It's like despite all the misery around them, it doesn't matter because they [cue romantic music] have each other. Aww.
13: Have you ever met any authors in person?
No, I don't think so. Well, I did meet a local author who autographed a dinosaur story book for me. I was like, 7.
14: If you had to switch lives with one book character, who would it be?
I don't know, all the ones I know are tragic! Oh wait, Emma!
15: If you were to live in any universe from books you've read, which would it be?
I really am enthralled with the universe that Howl's Moving Castle takes place in! But It'd also be cool to live in Alexandre Dumas' more fantastical and swashbuckling version of 19th Century Europe! Except for the fact that I would probably be dead in minutes from poisoning or dueling or both. XD!
16: What is the absolute worst book you've ever read?
17: Preferred reading format-- ebooks, physical books, or both?
I'm cool with both! I like paper books better, but when during the school year when I was taking classes up in the big(ger) city, my kindle was perfect.
18: When is the best time to read a book (in your opinion)?
Anytime. ;) I personally read most during the night hours, but I'm a Night Owl. ;)
19: Which movie adaptations of a book were actually amazing and which made you cringe?
Well, the Sense and Sensibility from 1995 is really good. So is the adaptation of Coraline! One that just made me cringe though was some version of A Tale of Two Cities from the 80's. They really just butchered a lot of the characters and plot elements. And the Tale of Despereaux movie was so awful!!
20: What are your top 3 favorite books?
Les Miserables, A Tale of Two Cities, The Brothers Karamazov, Emma, The City, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Sorry, can't pick just 3!

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