Tuesday, June 23, 2015

La Cenerentola

We watched the opera version of Cinderella by Rossini last week, and it was such fun!
I don't really like opera that much (Though a few years ago we got tickets to see the Barber of Seville, and it was GREAT!), but this one was really fun! I think that I might actually like a few operas, but I've been turned off just because it's usually so hard to understand what the deuce is going on. Thankfully, somebody invented subtitles. XD
So anyway, the DVD we watched was of a live stage performance, and it was really good! The actors all gave very solid performances, especially the Stepfather and Cinderella herself (actually named Angelica in this version!). The lyrics and dialogue were very witty, and I laughed out loud frequently! The music was pretty good. My main issue with opera is that the music is just kind of all over the place. Like, all the songs are just extended cadenza for the diva to show off her soprano-ness. But I didn't mind it so much in this one. Angelica, the lead, is a Mezzo Soprano (Yay!!), so there isn't quite as much insanity music-wise. The music was very peppy and in some spots, absolutely charming. I have to say, I really liked this take on the Prince!
So all in all, this was fun to watch!

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