Sunday, June 28, 2015

Storage Room: Office Volunteering

I've done a bit of volunteer work at my orchestra's offices, and it's fun! Yeah, got to lug some string instruments to storage, and did a TON of music filing (which was cool, actually). It's pretty righteous. Sometimes office work gets a little tedious, especially when you have like, 15 cellos you have to drag to storage, but all in all, I think it was good work experience! And I got a comic idea out of it. ;)

If you can't read the writing, here's the script.

Rene: Allright, I'm here! Marisol! I didn't know you volunteered at the orchestra office!
Marisol: Yah! It's a good way to rack up favoritism points! So we have to sort through all these papers.
Rene: Last concert's program...
Marisol: Page nine of the Rhapsody in Blue score... someone's apple tart recipe, I think I'll keep this!
Rene: Fyodor Kovalchuck's Enemies List?!
Mr. Kovalchuck: Ooh, I was looking for that!
Rene & Marisol: .......


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