Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Sibling's Halloween Costumes :D

[sniffle] I was taken ill this Halloween, so I didn't get to dress up and take my sibs out like I was hoping to, and Dad and my older brother took them out instead. Here are their cool costumes though, enjoy!
Here's Libby, she went as Emma Woodhouse, from the Jane Austen novel 'Emma'. :)

And here's Nick as Indiana Jones. :D And if you look carefully, you can see Libby and mum's reflections in the garage door window. XD
And no, he didn't go out barefoot. He was just too lazy to put on shoes for the photo shoot.


  1. Excellent! My brother went as Indy one year too. Or possibly more than once :-)

    What were you going to go as?

    1. Cool!
      I was going to be Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, I even had a dress to patchwork-up and everything! Did your kids go as anything this year?

    2. Yup, we had a Lego man, Princess Elsa, and Rapunzel :-)


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