Sunday, November 23, 2014

Storage Room: Timmy vs. Le Frigo

[sigh] A follower dropped my blog yesterday, which isn't fun... My reaction was probably entertaining to watch though, because I immediately started to frantically check my recent posts for anything offensive, or obscene that I might have accidentally sat down, typed, and posted. Nada! Unless somebody finds comics about leaving your chemistry book at home offensive.
But enough of me belly-aching (though it would be nice to know why you randomly dropped my blog without saying anything), if there's any guaranteed way to losing more followers it's constant belly-aching! So you guys technically should have left ages ago. ;) Thanks for being awesome peeps :)
On with the comic.
This is based on the time I was cleaning out the leftovers in my friend's fridge. I'm pretty sure I discovered some new species!

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