Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Captain America: The Winter Soldier [2014]

This poster is really dramatic.
How could they do that to Bucky?!
Sorry, getting a little ahead of myself.
So! We watched this movie last week, and I think it's a pretty good movie! Not my favorite, but I'm just not big on the Avengers. I certainly don't dislike them, but the only ones I really care about are Nick Fury, Iron Man, and Captain America.
Anyhoo, I haven't seen the first Captain America movie in a long time, so I don't know how this compares as a sequel. It was well directed, and there was some really good camera work, too! Captain America is my favorite avenger, because he's so idealistic and actually believes in his country, and fights to make it better even when he doesn't approve of everything it does. My kind of patriotism, baby! I was afraid this would be all dark and grim, with Cap becoming harsh and cynical in the process, but it was actually really good.
Aside from Captain, the supporting cast is pretty good! I didn't find the villain that memorable, but I liked Black Widow, and especially that dude who had the wings and stuff. Was he called Falcon? I want to call him Falcon, but I don't want to get heat for being wrong about his name. :P Whatever, we REALLY liked Falcon. He might have been me and my sib's favorite character, actually. XD
So yeah, back to Bucky. I um, had actually sort of kind of forgotten about him! I knew that Cap had a buddy who got killed off in the first movie, but I didn't actually think he would come back, let alone come back the way he did! Poor guy!

The Verdict: B+
A good superhero movie is one that non-comic book fans can enjoy too. And, well, this is one of those movies! It's got a good story (though how did that guy live in the computer? Magic?!?) and very good directing. Good atmosphere all throughout, too. Though if you just want a fun superhero movie, this one's a bit dark for that. If it's a muy good time you're looking for, may I suggest Guardians of the Galaxy? :D

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