Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saint Odd by Dean Koontz [2015]

[deep breath] Okay. So it's over! How bittersweet is that, huh? I would like to go on a rant about the end, but this book hasn't even been out for a week, so it's a little early to start getting crazy with the spoilers.
But there's plenty else to rant about. So! This book picks up a little bit after the last one left off, and pits Odd against the same enemies from the last installment, a group of Satanists who aren't just your average devil-worshippers.
Odd Thomas books aren't horror, strictly speaking, but most of them have had at least one part that was pretty terrifying. This one on the other hand, doesn't ever utilize the horror card, and goes more with suspense. There aren't any bits that made me afraid to turn the lamp off, but it was very fast paced and I was constantly on the metaphorical edge of my seat because everything was so nutty. I like how Dean Koontz never wastes time, he just goes right into it.
All in all, this was pretty much your regular Odd Thomas book. You know, all the familiar elements. Ragtag set of misfit supporting characters, bad guys under obvious satanic influence, and of course, the awesome prose. Odd as a narrator gets a little more maudlin in this book than in the others ("It wasn't the fact that I killed [those bad guys], it was the fact that I had to kill them that disturbed me."), but he's still good ol' Oddie, trying despite everything to have a positive attitude and work for the best.
And the ending, oh my goodnesses the ending. I thought it was terrificoso. Though there is a bit of a twist, I think it was an interesting interpretation of certain Christian concepts. Though I'm still trying to figure out Annamaria.

The Verdict: A
[sniffle] Ahem. Yeah, I might've maybe sort of cried a little bit at various points in this book. But despite how late it kept me up the day before orchestra (I fell asleep at practice! Again!!), I really like it. The supporting cast is great, the writing is fast, and if you're looking for a good contemporary read, I highly recommend this series. :)

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