Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Look

I changed the way my blog looks... as you probably noticed. XD
It all started when I wanted to put a banner on the top for the title, then when I did, it didn't look that great with the beige sort of one that I had. So I switched to something more white-ish. And that's where we are now. Haha!
Anyway, I'm quite proud of this (for reasons unknown). Some of the pictures are from comics that aren't up yet, either because they are too 'wrong', or just aren't funny enough to make the cut.

From left to right, top to bottom: Combeferre and Enjolras playing checkers,
Veronica, Samantha, and the Chips, Angry Little Sister, Frightened Cosette,
Yawning Attention-Span Faerie, Gunslinger Enjolras, Odd Thomas Valentine,
Elizabeth Bennet reading Mr. Darcy's letter, Surprised Courfeyrac, Javert,
Headache-y Liam, Dale Face!

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