Thursday, February 13, 2014


Yeah. Exactly what the titles says :D
I thought of putting these up tomorrow, but then you wouldn't have any time to print them out and use them (assuming anybody would want to use these to give a prospective boyfriend/girlfriend. In my experience, fat stick figures with dead eyes aren't necessarily the best way to express love, romantic or otherwise. But I'm putting them up anyways just for fun. ;)
'hem. Oh with it!
This one features Desmond from Lost. When Desmond was unstuck in time, the only way to stop it was to find the one thing- his 'constant'- that was always the same no matter where he was zapped to. And that one thing was? His sweetheart, Penny. Cue swooning and 'awww'ing from my side of the internet. :P (I have a nasty habit of claiming not to be interested in romance... then being just that.)

Here's Marius, from Les Miserables. About midway through the book (that part was fun, nobody died!) was when Marius and Cosette started to hook up, and there was one hilarious episode involving him mistaking Valjean's handkerchief for hers. Yeeks.

Odd Thomas! :D For a series of Horror/Thriller novels, Odd has a very sweet thing going on with Stormy Llewellyn, and even has a card from a gypsy fortune-telling machine saying they will be together forever.

Yeah. So today was all sugar and icky syrup, maybe tomorrow I'll put something up on love in a more true sense (You know, the Choice of loving someone as opposed to Feeling in love with them). Or friendship. Or family. :)

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