Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Little Mermaid [1989]

Hi! This is Libby [My sister. She's trying her hand at reviewing.] doing a guest post of The Little Mermaid! The first thing I have to say about it is that the animation is beautiful! at first I thought that all those mermaids at the beginning were Ariel's lackeys but they turned out to be her sisters. Ariel is a good character don't get me wrong, but she is very abusive towards flounder! "You can stay here and watch for sharks you guppy!" Tell me that isn't abusive! On to our prince Erik! I might as well tell you now, prince Erik is not as cool as prince Philip or Flynn rider, but on the positive side, he would risk his life for his dog or for instance he said this about Scuttle the bird when he tried to sing a song "someone should put that bird out of its misery!" Of course he was just being playful there. some might think king triton was a jerk for thinking of all humans as ruthless jerks, but what if that was just all that he had seen of them, what if he saw a bunch of pirates once, before you ask I did not write any fan fic, I'm just making sure nobody dumps on him. And now back to Ariel, her solo (the one in her grotto) was pretty impressive! Now you will see angry me, unlike the Gaston or Mother knows best ,Poor unfortunate souls is probably the worst song in The Little Mermaid, either that or the chef  song. I will try to make this part quick, but they make a HUGE point of Ariel being sixteen! so why does Triton let her marry the dude that he has never met at the age of sixteen! overall I like triton and it is a good movie.

The verdict,
B+ the reason it did not get an A is because of Poor unfortunate souls, the chef song and that prince Erik dumped Ariel right after kiss the girl just because she doesn't have that voice. Though it is a good movie, just not my favorite.  

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