Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Liebster Thingamabobamajigg

Because it's fun to make up silly words every now and then. ;)
Um, anyway, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Miss Jane Bennet who hails from Classical Ramblings, so thank you very much Jane (if I am permitted to call you that), I owe you one!

~Thank and link back the person who nominated you
~List eleven facts about yourself
~Answer the eleven questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
~Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can't nominate the blogger who nominated you)
~Ask them eleven questions
~Let them know of their nomination!

Oh no. Um...
1. I love Axolotls. If you haven't heard of these fascinating animals, you should totally research them when you've got the time!

2. I once got into the backyard of an old, abandoned house and tried to find a way inside while my sister stood guard outside the fence. I'm not sure that's legal. Oh well. If it is, it's a victimless crime.
3. It's number three and I'm already drawing a blank for ideas.
4. Oh look, this time last year I was reading Les Miserables! Right now I'm reading Emma. I wonder what I'll be reading this time next year!
5. My sister has two rabbits named Chester and Rocket. (That's not really relevant to anything in the world, but I thought you should know. Well, she thought you should know.)
6. Hockey is my favorite sport. That's... pretty obvious though.
7. Absolutely terrified of getting my ears pierced. I could go zip-lining, eat sashimi, watch Cats, defend Caninophobic siblings from attacking neighboring dogs. But a simple, safe procedure that is relatively painless? [shudders]
8. I'm an aspiring author, and yet I have exactly no finished manuscripts to my name. :P
9. Really, 11 of these?
10. Um... Hey, speaking of 11, my favorite Doctor is the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith).
11. I love scarfs. And jackets. And hats.

~What movie genre is your favorite?
Well, I like Dark Fantasy movies like Pan's Labyrinth or Coraline. I also like movies that are just kind of fun, like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol or Aladdin. Just so that you don't think I'm a hipster. Because I'm not.

~Do you like musicals? If so, list a few favorites.
I've always liked Les Miserables and The Nightmare Before Christmas (does that count if it's not a stage play?). Phantom of the Opera and The Music Man are good too. :D

~Favorite modern author?
Probably Dean Koontz. He writes horror/suspense novels, and he's Catholic-y. So there isn't anything too horrid. ;)

~Do you prefer reading a paperback or hardback book?
Ooof... Hard one (eurrrgh pun)! I think paperbacks, since they're easier to read and tote around.

~Favorite time period in history?
The American Revolution. It's so interesting!

~Least favorite food?
Bacon. Not because I think it tastes bad (It's okay when it's not cold and rubbery) but it always makes me sick, and like most people, I hate things that make me sick.

~Do you have any historical role models? If so, who and why?
I really admire George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But (I know this is going to sound bad) there's also some things I like about Robert E. Lee. When he had to surrender, I read that he accepted it with great dignity and gallantry, and that is something truly admirable.

~Fictional character who's most like you?
My sister says I remind her of Elsa from Frozen because I'm prone to anxiety and I'm her big sister. I personally think I'm like Donald Duck. ;) Loud, almost impossible to understand, and always in a flaming rage about something or another.

~Do you ever take personality quizzes? If so, list a few of your favorites.
Yeah, I take them every now and then. I took a Lost one, Once Upon a Time, Frozen, Kingdom Hearts, and Les Miserables. I had a good laugh when I came out as Rumplestiltskin in the Once Upon a Time one. XD

~Favorite book when you were little?
I really liked these Magic Tree House books. Has anyone else read those? Because I used to LOVE them. I still like to grab one for a quick read every now and then. :)

~Thoughts on Kindles?
They're pretty cool, and really save on space if you're traveling, and I love the dictionary feature. So that's neat. What I don't like about them is that they don't have the same 'feel' as reading normal books, and I like having physical copies of the books, because... well, I don't know why, I just do. You don't have to charge real books, either ;)

My questions...

1. If you could be any animal for a day, which one would you choose?
2. Yoda vs. Gandalf, who would win?
3. What are a few of your favorite songs?
4. Favorite Holiday?
5. Sorry for all the 'favorite' questions, they must be *so* boring. XD Anyhoo, what are a few books that you really love?
6. If a total stranger told you to follow them, would you?
7. At bedtime, do you go straight to sleep, or do you read a book or something first?
8. Favorite composer?
9. What time of day do you feel like you work best in? If that makes any sense. :P
10. Text speech- saving time or just plain laziness?
11. What's the farthest you've ever been from home? Geographically speaking.
Of thee I zing...
Hannah from Indigo Montoya
I don't really know anyone else who I'd nominate, so howabout this. If your blog has less than 200 followers, feel free. :P
Yes, I did just throw the rules to the wind. This is why I can't play sports.

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