Monday, April 21, 2014

Whoo, Camera!

First order of business: Happy Easter! Well, now it's more like "Happy Low Monday!" but whatever. You get the sentiment. ;)
Second order of business: Dad has a nice camera that he's sharing with me, so now my chibi comics don't have to be all grainy and underexposed. Huzzah! It also doubles as a video camera, so I'm really exited that I can film short movies and try out different forms of cinematography. I think I'll try a Pan's Labyrinth-style tree-segue first. ;D
Anyhway, here's a comic I thought of last night during a stressful playoff game. Or it was stressful until our Boys in Teal took the lead 7-2!

Buuuut we're far from out of the woods yet, hence this comic.
I hope you all had a good Easter! God Bless. :)

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