Monday, April 28, 2014

Chain Letters

A few days ago, a deah friend of mine asked me over chat what I thought of chain letters. The connection broke and I never got to say my (admittedly) snarky answer. So here be my over-long answer to that question. ;)
If there were three things I could eliminate from the internet, one of them would be chain letters. Now, BEFORE you tell me that I'm mean, and that I don't want kittens, orphans, and nuns to be happy, please let me have my say.

Type A
Chain Letter Type A
There are three basic kinds of chain letters. The first kind is of the sort that tells you to 'pass it along' if you love your grandmother or if you're against bullying. I have gotten so many of these, and let me tell you. They are nothing but a cutesey way of blackmailing somebody. You are telling somebody that if they don't share something on the internet, that they don't care and that they are cold hearted. That is blackmail, and it shouldn't be tolerated. This is really hypocritical and especially hilarious if the chain letter is about bullying.
"Send this if you are against bullying! If you don't send this stupid internet meme, than that means you really must be for bullying!" Yeah. Using bullying to discourage bullying. Now that's classy.

Type B
Chain Letter Type B
This one doesn't get on my nerves as much as the other kind. Because hey! It might actually cheer somebody up who needs it badly. So unlike the first one, maybe this one should be permitted to exist. But still. It gets on my nerves, especially when they drag God or Angels into it. Buddy, I don't think that God works that way. God isn't going to consider giving you a blessing, and then decide against it because you didn't forward a stupid message! Seriously, I got one of these, tried it for the heck of it... no life changing news from somebody I love. Unless Mom making muffins for breakfast counted. ...Oh my gosh, these DO work!! (Of course, I'm joking, you knew that, right?)

Type C
Chain Letter Type C
This is kind of a subdivision of the previous one, except that it tells you that unless you forward something you're going to die. These are more hilarious than anything else. I've gotten these, and um... well, heheheheh... let's just say that I didn't forward them, and I still seem to be alive. Seem to be.

So in short, I don't like chain letters. I think they're silly and some of them, quite frankly, are rude.
I certainly hope I haven't made any of you that angry with me, so enjoy this GIF in reparation. Because we all like GIFs, right? :D

Minions!! We all like Minions here, right? BEEDO BEEDO BEEDO!!

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