Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cuz' It's a Mu-si-caaaal!

Sorry for the random reference in the title, I grew up watching Veggie Tales.
Well, Veggie Tales and Mystery Science Theater 3000, which explains a lot about me. XD
I've been on kind of a Musical buzz lately (aka, most of this year. Help.), and I suppose that I just like musicals. Don't get me wrong, there are things that I hate about the genre. Like song and dance numbers that just keep going. And going. And going and going and going. And really, some (read: a lot) of musicals are just cheesy in a not so good way. They also have a tendency to be about rather unsavory subjects and get really steamy.
But I also find it very appealing, because of the way stories can be told. I like a good story that's told through music, and it's easier to explore the inner thoughts of the characters than if there was regular dialogue. So while I wouldn't call myself a die-hard theatre fan, there are a lot of musicals that I really like.
It's a very versatile genre, and you have plays ranging from light-hearted and comedic (Aladdin) to dark and dramatic (A Tale of Two Cities). And of course, there's also room for irritating nonsense, like Cats. Or Chicago. Sorry, I've got... issues with Chicago. [eye twitch]
Anyway, I thought that it would be fun* to do kind of a blog series on various songs from musicals that I like. I've got 55 of my favorite songs summed up, and I think that I'll post them on Mondays and maybe on Wednesday too. :) That'll take a little while to get through, and should be a lot of fun! It'll give me a vent for my random thoughts that I have to put somewhere, anyways. XD
Stay Frosty, my friends.

* "I thought it would be fun to..." It just occurred to me that that is a sentence that begins a lot of cautionary tales. XD


  1. I love musicals!

    Seriously, seriously love musicals.

    Except Cats, which is more like Beat Poetry. (Except for "Memory," which is one of my mom's favorite songs and makes me think of her.)

    Also, my kids watch a LOT of Veggie Tales. I started watching them in college (I had the very coolest friends) and, well... one year, my friends and I called ourselves The Pirates That Don't Do Anything. Put a sign on our dorm room door to that effect, even.

    Anyway. Yay! Looking forward to these posts!

    1. Musicals have been steadily growing on me for the past year, I figured it was time to stop fighting the urge. Yeah, I agree about Cats. That's just... bleh. Too bad Memory couldn't belong to a better play!

      That's so cool about you and your dorm friends! Me and my sibs have pretty much outgrown Veggie Tales, but we still listen to the silly songs all the time. XD


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