Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some Storage Room Randomocity

I'm conceptualizing some comics that involve time travel (need to work on the origins of Rene's uncle XD), and so that's why I drew some of the gang when they were lil' kids.

Timmy: He's wearing a Creeper T-Shirt, because I'm on a Minecraft buzz. Not sure I got the mouth quite right...
Alexander: Looks exactly the same. :P
Rene: Just because he's towing a blanket and sucking his thumb (Chibis have thumbs?) does not mean I'm stealing ideas from Peanuts.

Mireille: Do you like the pink heart coveralls? XD
Shelly: It's been my experience that little girls like to wear their hair in pigtails.
Frankie: I think that it's quite clear that I don't know how three year old boys dress. :P

Sorry these guys are inked in so messily! My hand was all tremble-y that day, and I was having a hard time holding the pen straight.


  1. When my son, who's 6 now, was 3, he wore pants or a shorts and whatever shirt was clean. Lots of trains and trucks and cars. Other little boys love dinosaurs and non-scary monsters too.

    Just if you're looking for ideas :-)

    Both my girls love having pigtails -- they're 2 and 4. Right on!


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