Friday, August 22, 2014

The Brothers Karamazov Chibis

Enjoy this little cast sheet for everyone's favorite 900+ page existential* Russian novel, The Brothers Karamazov!
I'm only 342 pages into the book (if I had stuck to my schedule, I'd be 500 pages in, but I got lazy.), but I'm enjoying it a lot (except for that one chapter...) and when I really like a book or movie, I want to draw chibis of the characters. :)

Alexei 'Alyosha' Karamazov: The pure-hearted, 20 year old novice at the local monastery. Alyosha is a sweet character, even if he is a little too perfect maybe (I'm less than halfway through though, and he seems to be developing at bit). I drew him in his cassock, but I don't know if he's going to go through with the holy orders. Elder Zosima told him that maybe he was called to live outside the monastery, so I don't know where that plot thread is going...
Fyodor Karamazov: The drunken, deadbeat father. I guess I kind of exaggerated the whole ugly thing, but in all fairness, his description in the book isn't much better.
Ivan Karamazov: Whew. Enjolras, hand over your medal for Nuttiest Fictional Character and clear the way for Ivan Karamazov! Ahem, spoilers. Ivan is a rather interesting character. He's the second-oldest son, and an atheist intellectual. However, his philosophy is a little (okay, a lot) more complicated than that. I really wonder where his characters is going to go from here!
Dmitry Karamazov: The eldest Karamazov brother. I guess Dmitry takes after his dad a bit in the ways of drinking and being kind of a loser. Dmitry is relatively sympathetic, but I have to confess that I have a tendency to forget things that happened 100 pages ago, so I can't quite remember if I like Dmitry or not. :P
Lise: Let me just pause a sec to make a public apology for that poorly drawn wheel-chair. [shudders] Anyhoo, Lise is a teenage girl who likes to tease Alyosha. She actually wrote a dopey love letter to him just to play a silly prank and see what would happen. Except that Alyosha actually said that if he doesn't join the monastery he'd be happy to marry her. Because Lise is just that kind of girl, she takes it in stride and doesn't seem to care that her practical joke is now near reality.
Katerina: Dmitry's fiancée. But Ivan may or may not also be in love with her. Curse you bad memory! I drew her with kind of a mean face, but Katerina's not actually that bad. She's hot headed and likes to be a control freak, but she's pretty decent. And I like how her little babushka came out. :D
Elder Zosima: Elder Zosima is kind of like Bishop Myriel from Les Miserables, in that he's the saintly Religious man who's probably going to die. Poor guy, I like him!
Smerdyakov [Is he a Karamazov?] : If your name is Smerdyakov, aren't you legally obliged to be a sinister illegitimate child?
Grushenka: Ah yes, the beautiful and seductive temptress... Grushenka. Maybe it's just me, but that name more screams out 'old lady at your average Byzantine Catholic parish'. Anyway, I don't know where Grushenka's character is going (in fact, I probably should have waited to post these until after I finish the book!), but I put her down here all alone so that she doesn't tempt anyone away from their fiancées. Hear that, Dmitri?!

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